Thursday, June 4, 2009

Makin' It During Camp Season

Perhaps I have discussed this before, but there are a number of things that assist me in getting through the week when Casey's gone, and since he's been gone for 6 days, I am feeling particularly grateful for them and feel obliged to publicly acknowledge them.

They are:
1. Large Diet Dr. Pepper from Sonic. Everyday. A must.

2. Choc. Chunks. I opened a bag of these that I had on my baking shelf two days ago. It was a mistake. Nonetheless, they have been a delightful treat while I've been keeping myself busy late at night. In fact, I should go grab a few right now. Be right back.

3. Movies. Braelyn and I went to see Up today with Brandi and the kids. It was FABULOUS! Brandi and I probably liked it better than the kids but, hey...if I'm being honest, the movie was really for me anyway, being that we are on day 6. Adults...go see this movie...and bring your kleenex!

4. Reading. After I put Braelyn to bed, I do thoroughly enjoy doing a last minute chore or two and then getting in bed early with a great book. I don't do this too much when Casey's here, cause well, we like spending time together. But, when he's gone, it's a nice way to spend the evening. I've actually made quite a bit of progress on the book I've been working on for 6 months! I'm ready to finish it already!

5. Projects. I'm sure I've mentioned this before, that camp time is craft time. And my current project kept me quite busy this week. It was Braelyn's birthday inviations. I got them all done last night and Braelyn and I hand delivered a few of them today to friends around town. It was royally enjoyable. ;)
6. Cleaning. For some reason, when Casey's gone, I make a point to clean one room after Braleyn goes to bed. I am a much better housekeeper when my husband's away. Hmm? That's probably not how it should be. (*note- area for personal growth)

7. The Bible. Not to get too Suzy Sunday School here, but truly...The Word of God has been a treasure, a fountain of Truth and Life for me. I started a reading plan with Casey in May...ten-ish chapters a day in the NT and you can read it in a month. (OT in 3 months.) I have LOVED reading Scripture this way. Reading so much at one time, everyday, you get such a full, rich beautiful picture of Jesus. If anyone's interested in the plan let me know and i'll post it.

While there are things that are helpful, there are a few things that make me want to lose it while Casey's away.
They are:
1. The public pool. Disgusting! I will never go back. Understand...Brenham (15,000 people) public pool. It's crowded. So many teenagers. I've discovered that I don't really like teenagers unless I know them. I'm very suspicious otherwise. Too much skin. Too much PDA. Too much cussing. All in front on my 2 year old daughter! UGH!

2. Roaches. The flying kind. There are no roaches in our house until Casey leaves, then, inevitably, I see one crawling on the wall at night, when I'm all by myself and ready for bed. It's enough to make a girl pack up her bag, wake up her toddler and spend the night at a hotel!

3. Bad Phone Reception. There's nothing more maddening than talking to your husband who you miss and need to talk to and pout to and all you can say is..."What? I can't hear you. What? Are you there? Case? Hello? Hello? Hello? :| Meddening!

But, GASP! No more worries...he just got home! YEA! I'm O-U-T!
See ya!


Alicia Z said...

I want the bible plan!!! I need to get on it! B looks adorable! Her first "friend" birthday party! So cute!


Jenny said...

OH, Steph that fact that you clean better when he is away is not a personal flaw at all. I think it shows that you invest your time in your people (ie Casey)versus the busyness of everyday tasks. THanks for the sharing.

Abba's Girl said...

After nearly 24 years of marriage...I must tell you, I really only clean when my husband is do most of my friends...there is something about mopping floors when someone is laying on the couch thumbing through a magazine...

God bless you - you sweet Sister in Christ.

The Honas Clan said...

I would love to hear about this bible plan. And Also if you have any good suggestions for studies with couples...Matt and I want to start a study together. And I know what you mean about the phone's awful! :/


monique said...

A great post. I love the little princess delivering the invitations - nice touch.

Erica said...

Those darn teenagers! How fortunate that I'm a mature 20 year old adult now :]

I'm so happy you saw Up! I agree, it was super good!!! Alex and I enjoyed it WAY more than Rebecca.

Braelyn looks precious in her princess attire! I wish I still lived close enough for a hand-delivered invitation :[

I just noticed the picture on your sidebar of Braelyn with the lemon in her mouth at El Charro T. Fun times :] I want more!

Miss you, hope to see you soon!!!

mandi said...

i'd like the plan too!

the invitations are SOOOOO cute! you did a great job on them!

i hear ya on the pool...i've found that if we go when it first opens, the teenagers are all still asleep. we just have to leave around lunch time.

Jenn said...

:) I loved this post. We should find time to meet up while Casey's out.

I have friday AM's and saturdays off ...

Sara Triana said...

You are brilliant. I know it must be different when it is a husband that you are missing, but Mitch is on a six week internship in NM and I am about to claw my eyes out.

Braelyn's delivery-princess picture is darling.

Finally, where is that place you go in the fall to get neat things? Can I go with you this year? Please?! I'm a big girl now!