Monday, September 14, 2009

Need to Spice Up Your Dinner Plans?

My great friend, Brandi just started a new blog, Family Supper Club. There are a number of contributors who will be sharing recipes, meal planning ideas, helpful cookbooks, reviews on kitchen tools and appliances, and anything to do with cooking for the family. I am very excited! Who doesn't love a little cooking inspiration? Go check it out! And trust me, y'all, some of these people have cooked for me on a number of occasions...DELICIOUS!


Casey Cease said...

Hey, Baby! I'm leaving a comment from the plane! I am trying out the in-flight WiFi. Pretty cool!

Love ya!


Alicia said...

Hey Steph! I tried to post on the Family Supper Club website, but I couldn't since it didn't have an ID I could pick. I made your chicken/Rice casserole and Noah loved it! Jason liked it too, except for the onions haha. I did what you did, rotisserie chicken, a dollop of mayo and 4 oz sour cream. I did add a cup of shredded cheddar mixed in, and just used green beans, again because of Jason. It was great! I love that blog! I have been wanting recipes!! Thanks!