Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Ragamuffin Christmas

Hello friends. It has been a while, hasn't it? My apologies. We have been running in and out of town since Thanksgiving. Just lots of important things came up all in a row. But...Saturday, Dec. 5th we arrived back at home, and happy to be there, as there is no place like it. Anyways, my ruby red slippers soon lost their sparkle as I realized that the Christmas season did not bother to wait for me to get home and situated. "IT CAME! IT CAME JUST THE SAME!"

Months and months ago I started thinking about how I wanted our family to celebrate Advent and new traditions I wanted to put into practice this year. Well, week 1 came and went while we were out of town, but, by the skin of my teeth, I pulled it together enough to get things going for that second Sunday of Advent. We just combined week 1 and 2.

Our Advent Non-Wreath:

Yes, traditionally the candles should be in a wreath, but, since I did not have one, nor did I want to purchase one, we have an Advent Row O' Candles. Where would a mother be without mason jars? Really!? Anyways, we labeled the candles and put the appropriate colored candle in each jar.

The Prophecy candle or the Candle of Hope: Purple
The Bethlehem candle or the Candle of Preparation: Purple
The Shepherd's candle or the Candle of Joy: Rose
The Angel candle or the Candle of Love: Purple
and...in the center...
The Christ Candle: White

All the different websites I checked to make sure I was doing this right, each said a little something different. I just did what made sense to me. (How post-modern of me.)

On Sunday, after dinner, we lit the Hope and Preparation candles and read Scripture that is assigned to those weeks. Then, we wrote down an attribute of Jesus (well, actually 6 because we were a few days behind) and hung it our "Christ tree."

Looks amazingly like out Thanksgiving tree, doesn't it? Weird!

We then spent the rest of our evening getting out our Christmas things and decorating our tree. It was a precious, beautiful evening.

I just love those saggy britches!

My favorite ragamuffin on the planet!

Thank you for indulging me in a little Christmas happiness. I'm certain there will be more priceless moments to come. (Plus, guys...I really just have to post all this stuff so I can remember what to do next year. Who can keep track? The blog is super helpful for that! :)

Talk to ya soon.


Carolyn said...


Steph, you so inspire me with your focus on what Christmas is truly all about. Thanks for posting the sweet, sweet pictures. I am anxious to add them to sweet B's scrapbook.

Thank you again for all of your help during Allan's recent illness. God has blessed me with an amazing daughter-in-law.

mandi said...

i like your mason jars! great idea!
our candles aren't even the right colors- all white. you know, what i picked up at the thrift store. i think it's best not to get bogged down in the legalism. the purpose is the slowing down. the remembering. the celebrating. the anticipation of his coming... not the presentation.

am i right or am i right?

: )

Morgan said...

those are all great ideas! i want to start some traditions with bobby too. i was thinking of doing an advent calender, but the only ones i can find seem to be all about counting down until PRESENTS! so i may make one for next year with bible verses in the pockets, or acts of service we could do as a family. love your festive blog!!