Thursday, January 28, 2010

Bible Study Questions

Every Friday I meet with a beautiful young woman for coffee. We do life together. I get in her business. A lot. A few weeks ago, we started going through Ephesians together. As I began to read and prepare for our discussion over Ephesians 1, some questions came to mind that I thought might help her (and me) approach the Scriptures with fresh eyes. We have been working with these questions for a few weeks now. I am really enjoying them for my own personal study, and they have led us into some great discussion. So...just felt like sharing.

For a 5 day study of 1 chapter of Scripture:
Day 1: Just read the chapter.
Day 2: Reread. What verse stands out to you? Why?
Day 3: Reread. Did you learn something new? Or were you reminded of something important? (If you have an ESV Study Bible...the commentary notes are super helpful for this question.)
Day 4: Reread. What Truth does this Scripture reveal about God? (Or to put it in another way...What do you know of His character based on this text?)
Day 5: Reread. How is God leading you to apply what you have learned from this text?

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Learning as I go said...

Hi Stephanie,
This is such a blessing! A LifeGroup I am in has been discussing ways to personally get into the Word. I'm going to share this with the group. Thanks!