Friday, January 22, 2010

Oi! This Muggle is Back!

It's been a while, hasn't it. I do apologize, but I'm afraid there was nothing to be done. These past weeks, I have spent nearly all my evenings with some new and treasured friends, Harry, Ron and Hermoine. If you know these friends, you will quite understand my absence and kindly excuse my negligence, because you know all too well how impossible it is to tear yourself away from such excellent company. If you are not acquainted with this magical trio, then you must (you must!) make it your most urgent business to welcome them into your society.

On Thursday night, as the clock was approaching 2am, I sat in my bed, and ugly-cried (not exaggerating) myself through the final pages of the Harry Potter series. Oh Heavens, how I love books! And the work of Mrs. Rowling will go down as some of my favorite literature. From the moment I opened the first book, the characters and the plot engulfed me. My suspense through those last chapters was almost unbearable in the most fantastic way. Tears were nearly uncontrollable as the conclusion unrolled its brilliance...flawless, in my opinion, the last pages perfectly threaded to the first. When the book was done, I remained in my bed, a sobbing, snotty, ridiculous mess, heartbroken that no part of tomorrow or the next day would be spent with Harry, Ron, or Hermoine (or a dozen other beloved characters, for that matter). It is always the characters of a story that attract or repel my affections for a novel, and I would say that the characters of Harry Potter were effortlessly victorious in that regard. I will remember them with the same fondness with which I remember Elizabeth Bennet, David Copperfield and Huckleberry Finn.

It's Monday now, and several days have past since I finished the book. I find myself wishing I still had another volume to pick up but, it is for the best. Time to move on. I've decided to make it through 3 theology books before I pick up another work of fiction, as such literature has been shamefully lacking these past months. I'm thinking The Cost of Discipleship (determined to finish this time), Transforming Discipleship (never really got going on that one), and then maybe something by Piper (cannot go wrong) to round it out. After a bit of proper feasting, I will return to a little light to speak. Don Quixote, perhaps?

So, that is my excuse for being 3 weeks away from my blog (and yours)...Harry Potter. His mischief has been thoroughly managed, and now he sits quietly on my shelf. But thank goodness...THANK GOODNESS...I can enjoy his company again, whenever I fancy it. That's the magic of books, my friends!

Goodnight, Muggles.
See you soon. For real! I have lots of posts in the hopper.

*(A muggle,
by the way, is a non-magical person. ;)


mandi said...

light snacking? don quixote?
you're nuts.

but then, the last time i had to read it, it was in spanish. ay caramba!

Steph said...

well...compared to bonhoeffer, i mean. ;)

Jenny said...

Hey Steph! so good to have you back. I read the first two books back when they came out and for whatever reason stopped. Now I want to buy the whole set and tear through them once again. You know likemindedness is so funny....hmm, what I mean...for instance, one of the many reasons I love The Office sitcom is for the time Dwight refers to some of his "favorite things" ie Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings. Funny. Have you ever had to answer questions about being a believer and reading Harry Potter? If so what have been your responses...sorry if it is too nosey of me, but I am just curious. I hope you and hubby had a good getaway. And I do wonder what your floors look like now. I just finished reading "The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society" by Annie Barrows (very good, fiction) but I recommend reading "84 Charing Cross Road" by Helene Hanff before it(excellent, non-fiction). Both are stories told in letter form. Enjoy your non-fiction for now.

alicia said...

We just finished the last HP tonight... I am feeling kinda bummed today that the trip is over! Noah even asked, "what are we going to read now?" Wow AWESOME series.