Saturday, January 30, 2010

Selling a House is NOT for the Faint of Heart

Well, our house is officially on the market, as of sometime last week. Check it out here. We're pretty happy with the minor updates we made to get it ready...the pergo, some paint touch-ups, a huge cutting board built into the countertop (to replace the useless, do-it-yourself catastrophe that was there before) and of course...a good cleaning. We had our first showing Wednesday afternoon. I cleaned like a mad woman. Even Casey canceled his morning plans to finish up those last minute projects that we had irresponsibly put off. We made it by the skin of our teeth! Literally, Casey grabbed the dog, I grabbed the kid, and as we flew out the back door, the Realtor and client were walking in the front door. It took about 5 hours to get our heart rates back down to a normal level.

Thankfully, the showing went really well. The client liked the house, but didn't love the idea of being on such a busy street...which I can understand. We thought we had another showing this morning, so we got up early and put the house back in tip-top shape. It was awesome telling Braelyn, " You may not go in your room! You may not play with toys! Do not touch anything! Do not sit on the couch! You may stand in front of the TV and watch Max & Ruby. That's it." Awesome, huh?! Then, after all that...the client canceled! UGH!

So now that everything is perfectly clean, and I want it to stay that way, I am banning us all from the house! We have to go out, as to not spoil all of our hard work. I think we are going to go with Casey to Sugar Land, and hang out there until he speaks this evening, at Wilcrest Baptist. Even if nobody else is looking at my clean house, at least I know that our work is not being undone. Does that make me crazy? I just can't watch the toys and crayons and dishes reemerge into mess!

All this to say...I hope our house sells quickly! It is likely that I will drive my family and myself insane by the end! :)


Erin said...

Wow! Those pictures look great! Did y'all replace the whole countertop? The pergo looks good. Congrats and Good luck! We'll be praying that it sells quickly!

Amy said...

I want to buy your house now! And I don't even want to live in Brenham.....that's how good it looks!

Also, hear hear to your HP post! I've never read the books, but as a fellow lover of all literature, I do agree with your views on banning things, and the larger matters of media influence and the heart etc.

I hope you sell it soon! That sounds maddening. I cannot even imagine. I'd want to leave til it was sold!

Cheryl said...

Good luck friend! I know it's so hard but you'll make it! =)

Jenny said...

Oh, Steph, oh, Steph, I have nearly the same story of the Realtor coming in one door as we walked out the back door when we were selling our home in Eddy too. How funny. It took 3 months but it thankfully sold in good time. Your home looks so lovely. I am sure you will have no trouble and I will pray for y'all's peace of mind in the process.

Casey said...

those pictures look great! i'd buy it! :) the floors look really good..