Friday, April 2, 2010

The Fall and Rise of My "To-Do"

It's 8:00 on Friday night...Good Friday night actually. Casey is out speaking and Braelyn is in bed. What's a girl to do with a quiet Good Friday evening all to herself? Here's my drop a little love on the blog, read my Bible (suppose I should have done that first...sinner!), and then GET TO WORK...and there's LOTS to do!

Before I get into the "To-Do," allow me review the last couple of days...

Yesterday...Braelyn's school Easter party...

Today...Round Top. My one and only trip this season. And guess what I bought?...Nothin'! Can you believe it?! I know...I can't either. Anyways, great time with my girls. (That's Beth {garage apartment buddy}, Brandi with H.W., and Jess in the pic. Sarah was also there but was changing Betsy's diaper during the photo opp.)Okay, so about "getting to work"...
Yesterday morning, we had zero Easter plans. By yesterday afternoon, both Casey's family and my family decided to join us for church and Easter lunch at our house. I was delighted to hear this news, but I would be lying if I said the teensiest bit of anxiety didn't begin to creep up, seeing as I had not been preparing whatsoever for this happy occasion.

Well, considering all that has been going on...planning class Easter parties, supporting friends in their antique purchasing endeavors (which is no trifling matter, by the way) and so many other very important things that we just can't get into right now...with all that...I very practically planned to keep things simple...a No-Frills Easter as it were. Right?...Less is more. No need to work up a sweat just 'cause it's Easter. After all, as soon as the festivities are over, we have to clean up and pack up to go to the Magnolia. With so much to do, we just cannot go losing our heads over China and floral arrangements and four-course meals.

Perfect! Bring on the paper plates!

Well, after coming to these sensible conclusions and finding my "to-do" list quite shrunken and manageable, I awarded myself a few luxurious moments to browse my favorite blogs. I noticed I was several posts behind on Femina, so I thought I'd see what the lovely Mrs. Nancy Wilson had to say. Uh...MISTAKE! I's not a mistake if you want to be encouraged to celebrate the resurrection of our Lord and Savior with joy and with gusto and with China and floral arrangements and 4 course meals. But if you were planning on paper is a colossal mistake.


What was I thinking?

What in the world is worth celebrating if not the Risen King? If I don't bust out the China for the fact that I was once a wretched enemy of God, but now, because of the perfect work of Christ am invited to sit at God's table as His very child, FOREVER!...what in the world DO I bust it out for?!

"It is FINISHED!"...Bring out the silver!
"The curtain is torn!...Bring out the wine!
The tomb is EMPTY!!!!!...Let us feast and take pictures and decorate and hunt for eggs and enjoy this blessed day!

Paper plates. I should be ashamed of myself.
Well, as a matter of fact I AM quite ashamed of myself. And it's not that I should go all out or I have to go all out...but I want to go all out! I get to go all out!...for a great and mighty victory was won that day. And I know the Champion! I know Him! Yes, if there was ever a reason to celebrate and go all out...this is it. And next year, and the next year, and the year after that.

So...I have some serious work to do, not to mention said Bible reading. I'd better get to it.

Mrs. Wilson...thanks for setting me straight, yet again.

* If you happen to be using paper plates...there is no judgment. I am not condemning paper plates in themselves, I was just using paper plates as a metaphor for my lazy, selfish attitude. :)


Casey Cease said...

I love you...

Mommy, M.D. said...

I had the exact same experience! Except I maybe have more people coming than I have place settings.

good excuse to buy more china? finish out my set??? not today, of course. but for next time...

Steph said...

CRAZY! Was it because you read Femina?

Abba's Girl said...

Easter blessings my sweet Steph! Michelle Butera was sitting behind me in church this a.m. It was so nice to see her. I feel so much better today. I can almolst breathe...thank You Lord.

I'll be back to blogging later this week.

He is Risen!!!

Love, Annette

mandi said...

hey friend-
miss you.