Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Common Cures for a Cranky Christmas Spirit

This year the Christmas spirit seems to be evading me. I think its because last year I started working on Christmas in January, so by the time December came around I was as cool as a cucumber...thinking about Jesus, memorizing Bible verses, preparing for Advent and doing all kinds of Christmas activities with Braelyn. Sigh::: It was lovely.

This year has been nothing of the sort. I'm a chicken with my head cut off...scrambling to get gifts done, only doing about 1/2 homemade, Braelyn and I are using LAST year's memory verse! and I get a big fat F for Advent activities this year.

Last year ruined me, friends! It ruined me! Cause now I know what Christmas CAN be and SHOULD be. Knowing what I learned last year, and not putting it into practice this year...has just made me a bit of a Grinch.


The Christ Community's 1st Annual Ugly Christmas Sweater Christmas Party brightened my Christmas spirit!

Feast your eyes, my friends, feast your eyes!

Now...I know my Christmas outfit is not what it should be for such an occasion, but I didn't want to spend money and you would be surprized and appauled at how few ugly Christmas sweaters there are these days. But don't worry friends...I will be on the hunt all year long for next year's ensemble! (Cynthia...Please take no offense! I love my green scarf and wear it for real all the time...I was just trying to be Christmas clashy. ;)

Casey, however, looked like a complete idiot in this turtleneck. I wish you could get the full effect from the picture.

C3M Girls.

With Sarah...the female winner for sure!

James...the male winner...without a doubt. That's his mom's sweater. She added pompoms just for his benefit! GENIUS!

What Casey ended up with for the White Elephant Gift Exchange. Lucky!
(I'm just kidding about being lucky to have this book. I hate having it in our house. In's in the closet outside.)

By far, the most awesome gift! Christina painted a Cease family portrait! Our friend Rope is the lucky winner of this precious work of art!

Recreating the painting.

Lori and me...just for fun.

All of us who participated in the Ugly Sweater part of the party. I know...some of us need some's gonna get better and better...just you wait!

See?! Who could be Grinchy after all that Christmas fun?!!! Being silly is such good medicine! Oh and do know what else is good medicine for the Christmas blues?...Not gonna lie...Diet Dr. Pepper. Yeah...I've fallen off the wagon a bit...but who can blame me?! How else do you make it through the mall in THE WOODLANDS? AT CHRISTMAS TIME? I'm pretty sure it's not possible without a Large Diet Dr. Pepper.

So if you are feeling down this Christmas Season...remember...
1. Wear an Ugly Christmas Sweater out in public.
2. Grab a large Diet Dr. Pepper and nurse that baby all day long!

You're Welcome! ;)


Cynthia said...

Only you could look beautiful while sporting an ugly sweater! I love that the scarf help bring it all together. Merry Christmas friend!

the_awkward_christian said...

YAY for getting a shout out for the painting in your blog!!! Hope you are doing well <3