Monday, January 3, 2011

I Am Resolved To...

1. Go to bed at 11:00pm. (This is quite a bit earlier than we usually go to bed. I know...crazy! That's why I am resolved to go to bed earlier this year, and consequently, wake up earlier. But for now, only the bedtime is an official resolution. ;)

2. Work on Christmas all year long. (Did this 2 years ago. Brilliant. Made Christmas such a pleasure. Already got some ideas goin'....which is half the battle.)

3. Be more intentional with my time in the Word. (This past year, I spent time in the Word, of course, but it was such a hard, crazy year, much of my time was simply maintenance. I do not want to continue in this way... I want more.)

4. Read more. (More good fiction. And even more Christian literature.)

5. Blog more. (I want to write more intentionally and more often, but I'm still thinking about what I want this to look like.)

I have a few other goals...but these are my official 2011 New Year's Resolutions. Only three days in, but so far so good, I think. ;)


Cheryl said...

My goals look very similar. Good luck! I hope 2011 brings you, Casey and Braelyn MANY blessings! =)

Erica said...

Girl, I am with you on that 11:00 bedtime! Love you!

popsiclesontheporch said...

sounds like a great start! I'm with ya on an earlier bed time! I want to be up much earlier than I am so I can get a head start before the kids. Hope to make more of an effort this year. ; )

mandi said...


I just read about your Grandma. How is she?

Oh- and great goals!

ps- hee hee- my word verification has "pee" in it.