Saturday, January 22, 2011

New Favorite Things

New Favorite Thing #1: The Pioneer Woman Cookbook
I just picked this baby up last week thanks to a beloved Barnes&Noble gift card.
Genius, this woman is. I heart her, and her cookbook is FABULOUS!! Lots of beautiful pictures. Lots of amazing recipes that you will actually use. And tons of great stories about her family and life on the ranch.

New Favorite Thing #2: French Breakfast Puffs.
OMG! Heaven!*
These puffs will be blessing my kitchen table A lot, which means there will be a significant increase in the amount of butter that I have to buy. Worth it!*
Got the recipe from the previously mentioned favorite thing.
Or you can get it here on her blog.

New Favorite Thing #3: The King's SpeechCasey and I saw this on our date night last night. SO, SO GOOD! is going down as one of my top 5 favorite movies. Really! I'm not kidding...Top 5.
I LOVE the characters. The casting is perfect. And the story is true...which makes it that much more wonderful.
It will make you laugh, and it will make you cry...not ugly'll just get a little teary...because you will love these characters and the friendship between them...AND...because paid to see a movie that was actually worth seeing...which hasn't happened in such a long time...and you were just about to give up on Hollywood...but with this movie you see that all hope is not lost. And so you might get a little teary over that.

There you have it. New Favorite Things.

* Denotes words that should be sung. Loudly. In falsetto.
(If you didn't sing it the first time, you should go back and sing it properly.)
(No, I mean it! Stop being so lazy and go sing it like you meant it!)


Traci said...

Steph, you are a crack up! I have the Pioneer Woman Cooks as a gift last Christmas and love it too. Try the chocolate sheet cake and let kids decorate with M&Ms for a birthday...fab. Trust me.

And the new Helena Bonham-Carter, Colin Firth (I will see anything with Colin!!) movie...thanks for the review. You are the second person to mention it. It is rising on my "must do" priority list in my head. Thanks!

Casey Cease said...

The cinnamon puffs are AHHMAAAZING*!

Jenny said...

I love a good favorite things list. How funny, just this Saturday we too saw The King's, so good. And I have made many a Pioneer Woman recipe (just this past weekend I did her Chicken Tortilla soup....oh, my, DE-licious) yet I have not bought her cook book yet for myself (I gave one as a gift). Those puffs do look butterific.

Alisa said...

Man those look good! Nathan and I have been looking into going through one cookbook in a year and I'll definitely look into using this one!


Alicia Ziman said...

I have made several recipes for dinner off the Pioneer Woman's website. They have all been hits! I recommend her Penne a la Betsy and The Best Lasagna Ever. Both are dearly loved at my house. :) I have to get her cookbook!


mandi said...

Aww man. I thought this was like Oprah's favorite things list and we were all going to get free stuff...

I want to see that movie. We saw True Grit last week and I loved it.

And...your puffs look awesome! HAHAHA!!! I couldn't resist!

The Farmers said...

You had me at puffs with lots of butter and sugar. Are those mini muffins or regular size muffins?

Steph said...

Yeah...those babies are full size!