Monday, April 4, 2011

april: sunny, with a chance of blogging

dear reader,
there's been a bit of dry spell here at the beautiful meantime.
march was completely blogless.
i know.
forgive me.
not sure what my deal is.
but here's my promise to you...
i WILL definitely try much harder,
to think about getting on my computer more often,
to SHOWER you with lovely blog posts.
okay...shower you with blog posts.
er...okay...shower you with blog post.
(don't want any crazy expectations floating around out there ;)
no, but really, i will.
i will definitely try to think about that.

just not tonight.
cause I'm a little tired.
and a girl can't just slap something up after being gone for six weeks.
how disappointing for her readers!

but really...I miss you.
if you're still out there...
thanks for waiting.
i'm certain that an actual blog is coming soon.
yours truly,


lori said...

i'm glad you realize a blog about not blogging is not really a blog...just sayin...

mandi said...

whew. i'm just happy to see that you're alive.

Caryn said...

Good to have you back!

Kelley said...

Steph!! This is your sister-in-law!! I miss your blogging!! And I miss you!! Can't wait to see you Sunday!!