Saturday, April 30, 2011

Where Have I Been?: Part 3

Now for the less serious stuff that comes with pictures.

In March:
We went to the Rodeo!
Look how brave my B is! (And shall we just take a moment to reflect of the perfect and excellent timing of this photograph! I don't want to brag or nothin', but taking a picture of people on a Ferris wheel is not as easy as it looks! After just a few times around, I got this!)

So we met my parents up at the livestock show and carnival early, so B could enjoy the rides and animals and such, but she is not into the Rodeo or concert...too loud. So, Mom and Dad took her home after some BBQ.

Then Casey and I got to have a little date at the Rodeo and Sugarland concert.
We really enjoyed it.
Well, I really enjoyed it.

We've also been at the mall. Casey is sharing a moment with this woman here.
So really...this mannequin just had her arm stickin' out to high heaven, so really...who could resist this!
In April:

We went to the Museum of Natural Science. Got a membership, so if anybody ever wants to go?...

For one of our date nights we met up with some friends at the Mucky Duck to see this band that we really love...The Civil Wars. Awesome! How cool and young of us, right?!

Our friends. Yeah, Casey was the only dude.
Anyways, sad story about this little concert. After the first band got off, the guy from the Civil Wars got up and said he had laryngitis or something and just could not possibly sing but would be sure to come back for another show. :| Cool date night foiled! Thankfully, they did schedule another show in July, so we'll try this again.

Oooh! Round Top with some of my best girls!
If we ever manage to hang up what I got I will be sure to post it.
I also went the very next day with my parents. Another great day, but we didn't take any pictures. :( You know what's better that a day antiquing? Two days antiquing! :)

And finally...B got her hair cut! At Sweet n' Sassy, no less. Now, to be honest, I didn't really know what I thought about this place, but B is terrified of getting her hair cut, so I had to bribe a little bit with glitter and pink and girlie-girliness to convince her that a haircut is not the worst thing ever. Sure enough, after watching Tangled, and the hair glitter, and the flower in her hair, and the glitter stars on her cheek, and the pink heart lollipop...she decided she LOVES getting her hair cut.
And who could blame her?!
Now I know what I think about this place. Genius!

So that is where I've been! This series in now complete!
Have a great weekend!


lori said...

now thats a blog post!!! love it :)

mandi said...

Aww- look at sweet Miss B!
Have I ever told you about the time I was THROWN off of a ride at the Houston Rodeo? As in, I almost died??? So glad none of you almost died.

Also- what does a girl have to do to get invited to a day at Round Top?!? Sheesh!

Steph said...

1. Carnival Rides: Yes, notice who wasn't on the ride! Those things are terrifying. You have to be crazy to get on those things!
2. Round Top: You were going on that fabulous camping trip that weekend, I do believe. Otherwise, I would have scooped your cute little tush up and dragged you out to Round Top with us! Promise! :)

mandi said...

alright, alright. i'll let it slide since i was having the time of my life getting my face sand-blasted! haha!
oh- and your ferris wheel pic is amazing!!! i'm thinking a framed version of that is a mother's day present waiting to happen!