Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Sent Half of My Heart to Kenya Today

A snuggly goodbye.

Braelyn and I, with misty eyes and lumpy throats dropped the Hubs off at airport this afternoon for a 10 day trip to Kenya.  In 11 years of marriage, this is the longest we have ever been apart.  As much as I hate being half a world away from him, I'm so excited for him to have this opportunity. I know he is going to encounter the Lord there in such a beautiful way. I can't wait to see what God does. 

The only bright-ish side of having a husband in another hemisphere is that I might have a little extra time for blogging, as my evenings will be very quiet. I think. Along with some good blog time, I'm hoping to get my rear in gear for the upcoming school year, which surprisingly, I'm really looking forward to. (A hearty thank you is in order here to our Wise and Wonderful God for creating summers, without which all teachers and homeschooling moms would quit. Amen.)  So, yes...I am delighted to say that I'm feeling great about homeschooling, great about Classical Conversations, and great about sharing more of our homeschool journey with you very soon.  Hopefully, these next 10 days will give me a chance to do some of that. 

If you are here at the end of this post and wondering if there was a point to this at all, I'm sorry to say there really wasn't, except that I just wanted to touch base, tell you that chapter 4 is coming soon, and that my hubs is in Nairobi, Kenya for the next 10 days, and to ask you while I'm at it to pray for him and our friends that are there with him.  

Now that I am completely embarrassed at having spent this long writing a blog with no point, I'm off to bed.  

I love you Casey Cease! And I need you! Obviously!...If you were here you would have stopped me from writing this horrible blog post. Come home soon! My readers are begging you! 

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Alicia said...

TOTALLY understand how you feel. Having been through two 6 month deployments and many weeks, months etc. of him being gone, I know how hard it is. I was fortunate not to have kids when that happened, as I know that is very tough on them too. (just pregnant the last time) Let me know if you need anything!