Saturday, November 17, 2007

Pump Cran Nasties

I just spent my Saturday evening making 2 batches of pumpkin cranberry muffins. On my first attempt, I got all the ingredients mixed, I got them into their little muffin cups and as soon as I closed the oven door, I realized that I had left out TWO ingredients! Grrrrr!

I went ahead a let these trash-destined muffins do their time in the oven, and in the mean time I proceeded onto batch #2. This time I triple-checked that all the ingredients made their way into the bowl.

I was just about done with batch #2, when the oven alerted me that batch #1 was ready. I was sure they would be delicious (Please note the sarcasm). Um...disgusting! No worries though, that was the baker's error. Batch #2 will be amazing!

So muffins #13-24 spent their 22 minutes in the oven. While I waited I did some blog surfing and was happy to find the blogs of two old friends. Now there's something to celebrate with a pumpkin cranberry muffin! Ah! They're ready!

I immediately placed them on the cooling rack as I was instructed. I placed one happy muffin on my plate and returned to the computer. Um...WHAT!? THEY"RE STILL DISGUSTING! They taste exactly the same as the first batch! Apparently it doesn't matter if you leave out a few of the ingredients. Gross is still gross, even with oil and salt!

These pumpkin cranberry nasties will not follow their brothers into the trash, however. I am out of cereal and milk, and so it's a pump cran nasty for me in the morning. I can hardly wait! (Please note the even more bitter's late!) :)


Steph said...

Ok, well after having one for breakfast this morning, maybe they're not as bad as all that. After they cooled all the way, it seems they got more muffin-y, and not so pound cake-ish.
Silly me...:)

Jenn said...

Steph!!! I didn't know you had one either! I love these things because even when life is crazy - people can still seem some-what connected.

consider me a reader :).

Erin said...

What I LOVE about this post, Steph, is that it was referred to in TWO other blogs before I even read this one!! A classic!!
Long live Pump Cran Nasties!