Monday, March 16, 2009

It's Spring Break....Let the Cleaning Begin!

So it's Spring Break around here. Casey's off from school (which is only one day a week, but still...), lots of our friends are out of town seeing family, and I have a number of household projects I'm dreaming of accomplishing this week.  Such as...

- cleaning out our closets. If we didn't wear it last year, we're not gonna wear it this year. It's outta here!

- cleaning out the fridge. I already worked on this a bit when I brought in the new groceries. It's so shameful the amount of food I throw away! Anyways, still gotta wipe the shelves and deal with all the jars and such in the door. Oooh, and the freezer. Ugh! I hate cleaning out the freezer. I never know what to do with all the food I'm storing in there. How long is too long to be frozen? I never know. Let me just be honest with you and with myself...I'm probably not going to eat it!

- putting some furniture items on Craig's List! We have several pieces of furniture in our garage that I've been wanting to either sell at a garage sale or put on Craig's List. I think I'm gonna give Craig a try. I've never done it before. I'm excited. Show me the money, Craigy Boy!

- build or (more likely) prepare to build a deck in our backyard. I am SO excited about this. Our backyard is just kinda gross. I don't like being back there. So, with the help of some of our handy Brenham friends we are going to create a lovely place to sit and talk and play and enjoy the outdoors. I HOPE I get to show you some before AND after pics this week.

That's it, I think. It's good that I've posted it will be harder for me to talk myself out of getting these jobs done! :) If you've blogged about're committed, right?!

And just FYI- I WILL be wearing pearls, a sundress (with petticoat) and pumps while accomplishing all these tasks. If you want to DO your best you have to LOOK your best! That's my motto!


Abba's Girl said...

Your hair must be perfectly coiffed as well and the lipstick must be applied with an expert hand...

Have a great week.

Erin said...

Yes, I think we need some pics of THAT!!

mandi said...

ha! you're funny, lady!