Sunday, March 22, 2009

My Erica, My Taylor, & My Hero

Some of the details and highlights of Spring Break '09:

Thursday: My Erica's 20th Birthday (My in the college student who lives in our garage apartment and who has become a dear sister to me. I don't think I've done life with anyone the way I've done life with this girl. Supposedly, she is planning on going to A&M next year, but there will be no more talk of that! Seriously...I can't handle it!)

We started out the evening at Rendezvous, a quirky little restaurant in downtown Brenham and then we headed back to my house for birthday dessert and a movie...Breakfast at Tiffany's!

Me and My Erica
I heart this girl!The girls.
From L-R: me, Jessica, Chelsea, Brandi, Sarah, Erica, Jessica
From me to her.
Happy 2-0 Erica!

Friday: The Rodeo and crazy drama!
For the first time in years, Casey and I went to the rodeo. We were invited by none other than, my Erica and her boyfriend, John. I was super excited about this because #1 we hadn't been in so long, #2 it was our first double date with John and Erica, and #3 I HEART TAYLOR SWIFT! Ok...that's kind of a lie. I barely knew anything about her or her music before Friday, but I was still super excited to go.

So after waiting in traffic, and waiting in line for a shuttle bus...

Erica and me
John and Erica...Ain't they cute!

...and waiting in line to get our food, and eating our food, and making the hike up to Reliant stadium, and waiting in line for the bathroom, we managed to see the last 3 or 4 bull riders, the calf scramble and my new favorite rodeo event...mutton bustin'! Hilarious! Then...the lights lowered...the roar of thousands of teeny-boppers pierced our ears...and Taylor and her curly, blonde locks took the stage.

Now I knew this night was going to be interesting when the high school girl in front of us...this one...the only one standing up... ...started FREAKING OUT. To combat the "I'm Old" feeling I was getting I joined this girl in her Taylor Swift elation. She, not picking up on my sarcasm, mistook me for a genuine fan and began to confide in me by way of diarrhea of the mouth that the very song we were listening to was actually about herself and the girl sitting next to her. Later, Casey filled me into the fact that she was drunk. I'm so naive. I just thought she was super silly. Oh well.

But that's not even the exciting part! Oh no, my friends, the drama was just about to begin! After a few fabulous songs by my girl, Taylor, another cute high school girl joined the group in front of us along with her no good boyfriend (I could tell right away that he was no good). Being as there was only one seat, frat boy sat down and the cutie sat on his lap/stood in front of him. Right away we began to notice that frat boy was gettin' a little touchy-feely with cutie and his hands were going where they ought naught! Time and again we saw the cutie swat his hand away but her easy-access miniskirt proved to be too strong a temptation. Suddenly, out of NO WHERE Erica, John and I hear a deep, booming voice yell, "Hey! She told you to stop!" In slow motion I turned to my left and I realized that the deep, booming, angry voice was my husband's. With our saucer eyes we turned back to frat boy and his smart and classy response was, "This is my %#*!&@$ girlfriend!" Casey reminded him again that the cutie had repeatedly told him to stop, and again he shouted, "This is my %#*!&@$ girlfriend!" When Casey asked him where his ticket was..."This is my %#*!&@$ girlfriend!" He's clever that one!

While all this was going on, Erica, John and I were silently freaking out! I couldn't believe what was happening and I wanted it to stop! I could just see Casey and the frat boy having it out at a Taylor Swift concert! Finally after some more yelling, frat boy left because the cutie told him to go. She was upset, bless her heart, and I couldn't tell at first whether it was because of Casey or the frat boy. Not only that, all the cuties in front of us were talking and whispering. It was awkward. Later, one of the cuties told Casey thank you, and at that moment I was so proud of him. A lesser man wouldn't have stood up for that girl. And he did, regardless of what the cuties or anyone thought of him. At the end of the concert I told the cutie that we didn't mean to upset her, and she said that she appreciated what Casey had done and that frat boy was drunk and needed to be put in his place. "He gets like that, " she said. It made me so sad to know that she was choosing to put up with such vulgar and disrespectful behavior. "You deserve better," I told her and then we left.

As we walked through the carnival, I must have been the proudest girl in a sundress and cowboy boots that ever was! My husband is my hero. The defender of all silly girls! Way to go, Case!
Oh, and I really enjoyed the concert! That Taylor is quite the cutie, herself! I think if I actually had an iPod I might even put some of her songs on there! :) Thanks for inviting us, Erica! We'll be your rodeo dates anytime! :)

Well, I think that's about all the details and highlights we can stand for now.
A few more still to come...


Morgan said...

Wow! What a rodeo experience! Way to go Casey. I do like Taylor Swift, but I only know a couple of her songs. You were lucky you got tickets! That was sold out!

Abba's Girl said...

I went w/ my nieces Friday night, I had sold my Taylor Swift tkts and then my nieces talked me into going with them on one of their sets of tkts...I was not prepared for all the screaming fans!

I am a huge fan of Mutton Bustin.

Abba's Girl said...

PS - do you have Andi's blog address?

Erica said...

This is my favorite blog post ever! And not just because part of it was in honor of the lovely birthday celebration you prepared for me :] I also loved reliving the Taylor drama! Ahhh!!! I think you have the best husband in the whole world. Yay for America's Big Brother! :]

I'm so glad yall came! Since our first double date was a success, we'll have to prepare for double date number 2... Wurstfest! ;]

Thanks for everything Steph :] Love you!

Jenny said...

Thank you for sharing about your take-a-stand hubby. It is deeply refreshing and such an example of how light shines out in the darkness. doing right so many times does feel awkward as it happens but once the moment has passed there are generally no regrets.