Monday, February 7, 2011

I Love...

...finishing a time-consuming project.

I first saw the idea for this wreath here, and completely fell in love. Then, recently, I saw a tutorial on how to do the little felt flowers (google: How to make a felt rose) and went to work on making my own. These pictures aren't great (the flash was making the colors look crazy) and for some reason I still like the Etsy shop ones better...but I still like it.

Which wreath do you like better?

Wreath with fabric flowers and buttons.

Wreath with a googillion felt roses.
(Keep in mind that the colors look better in real life AND I think I can get better at making this the Etsy ones!...I hope!)

I was just wondering what you thought for future wreath-making. There are so many seasons and holidays in which my front door is naked, so I am on a bit of a quest to remedy that embarrassing situation. ;)


Noelle Gonzalez said...

My favorite is this one.
And the white burlap one.
And the fabric flowers.

Hey steph, When I get back to the states can we craft? I love all your ideas!

The Farmers said...

I love the Valentines felt wreath! I think it looks great and you did a fantastic job on it.

Steph said...

Noelle...I would LOVE to craft with you!!! I will be looking forward to it! In the meantime, I will be scouring the blogdom looking for an idea to copy. Cause that's how I do it, y'all! :)

mandi said...

Oh- this one is really pretty Steph. I really like it!

About the Etsy conundrum. Is it the type of felt used? Did they use wool felt and maybe you're drawn to that particular texture? I don't know...just curious. I use wool felt in my projects and feel like it adds a depth to the finished project.

But honestly- I think yours is beautiful and would buy it off Etsy!

Sara Mitchell said...

I love the googilion roses. And you.