Friday, February 11, 2011

I Love... night. I love it a lot!
The hubs and I do our very best to take a date night once a week. Our night is Friday. Sadly, we are not on our date tonight because the hubs is sick. But all is not lost! We will still spend some intentional time together snuggled up on our very cozy couch. Also, there might have been some trash-talk regarding a potential game of Scrabble, but that could have just been my silly, girlish imagination running wild.

I've mentioned before that I would like to share my thoughts on why married couples should be dating as often as they can. And I still really do want to share those thoughts...if fact, I spent the last 30 minutes attempting to do so...but, there is just too much to say and I write way too slow to both persuade you to the habit of date night AND participate in my own date night tonight.

So, the hubs wins he should, and you, I'm afraid will just have to continue living in deep, agonizing anticipation of my profound and intriguing date night blog post.


mandi said...

we don't go on dates nearly enough. we are all out of free baby sitters right now and affording a night out AND a baby sitter...not easy.

But- we spend almost every evening together after the kids go down. And free dates are the best kind : )

Looking forward to your profound thoughts!

kimb said...

Date nights are awesome. We had a date linner today (lunch/dinner) after our training ride. Tell Casey to feel better!

Alicia said...

We go on date nights once a month and that is fine for us. We relish taking our kids with us when we go places and LOVE going on trips with them, more than we do alone. We spend quality time together on the weekends after the kids go down. We do enjoy our night out, but I agree with Mandi, it gets expensive to do all the time.