Friday, February 4, 2011

Snow Day

For the last few days we have been preparing for snow...and it's a good thing too, because take a look at THIS!Just look at all that snow. It boggles the mind to see snow like this in Texas. Everywhere you look...white! It's a wonder that we even have power.

So what do two Texas girls do with themselves on a snow day?
They bake.
Valentine's chocolate cupcakes.
From scratch.

Here we have a little quality control.
Ding! They're done.
For a princess make-over and for lunch (while cupcakes cool).
Turn on a little bakin' music.
Look closely, Mandi. This is for you. (You're right! I dig her!)
Okay...back to baking. Time for frosting.
Ahhh. And there they are, the lovelies.
You know, I'm not sure where we'd be without this sweet reward...or the continuous coverage of the Ice Storm of 2011 for that matter. We are counting our blessings, I can tell you that!
And while we are on the subject of blessings...thank goodness I bought a 12-pack of Diet Dr. Pepper at the store this week, cause going to get one at Sonic today would be completely impossible...well, with all that snow. So...phew! That could have been B-A-D!

Finally...enjoying the fruit of our labor. Y-U-M!
So cupcakes got us through the afternoon. (When you stop a lot for dancing, baking can take quite a while. We had Beyonce we had to get our groove on.)

I guess for the rest of the day we'll just stay hunkered down until some of this snow clears. You know, snow is fun from time to time...but I just don't think I could live where it looks like THISall winter long.
Cause honestly, I'm getting a little cabin fever here and my hips will not appreciate any more baking!

Stay warm, y'all! ;)


Mommy, M.D. said...

you are so much better with frosting than I am.

which makes me hate you just a little.

you shouldn't get skinny and frosting skillz.


Casey Cease said...

Miss you girls... Honey, I love your sarcasm. Hilarious!

mandi said...

Your frosting looks amazing! I am super impressed!

And...pretty happy to see that pandora station! My heart can be at ease now.

; )