Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Tiny Confession

See, what had happen was...

Well, I was doing the dishes. And I was feeling a little sleepy, cause it's sooooo quiet in here, cause Casey is away at a meeting right now and Braelyn's asleep. Plus, was like 10:00 and I was really regretting not doing the dishes earlier cause by 10:00 I don't want to be working anymore. So dish duty was feeling super chore-ish. Anyways, I just got to thinking a little bit...about the gummy cokes that I bought for the giveaway today. And I just know?...that maybe just like 2 gummy cokes would help me to do the dishes.

So I might have...maybe...taken out only like 2 gummy cokes. And ate them.

Okay three.


Okay FIVE! That's it! FIVE gummy cokes.

I know. I am so ashamed. They were so chewy and delicious. UGH! And what's worse is that the dishes are STILL not done! I had to stop doing them to come confess this to you.So yes...I stole Giveaway gummy cokes. I am so sorry and I assure you that this will not happen again. I WILL practice self-control in this matter even though the gummy cokes are going to be in my possession for 3 more days! I know I can do it.

Now, I will go tuck the gummy cokes safely away and return to the dishes. Thank you for your forgiveness. You are such good readers...and I do HAVE to say...WOW! Your comments have been amazing! Y'all are the sweetest! Really! I don't deserve you. But, you know...keep 'em coming! I just learned that blogger allows for 5000 comments per post, so no need to hold back.

Phew. Glad to have that off my chest.

What?! You haven't entered the Giveaway, yet? Oh, go here!

(And was no more than six. Promise.)


Julie Forman said...

I love...the number of times you used the phrase "gummy cokes" in this post. The phase made me smile. alot.

Alicia said...

You sound like me with the Valentine's cookies we baked! Total fail with my diet that day haha! Those gummy cokes are addicting, my friend Allison had them when we visted last summer and I couldn't stay away!

Lori McConnaughie said...

i wouldve eaten the whole bag. i give you props :)

mandi said...

bwa hahahaha!!!