Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Braelyn's First Haircut

Braelyn got her very first real haircut today. As you can see in those two pictures on the side of my blog, her hair was getting so shaggy in front and starting to get in her eyes. It was definitely time. I took her to my stylist, Melissa, who's great! I really like her a lot. Anyways, Braelyn was AMAZING! She sat so quietly and so still the whole time. I was so proud!

And then, for being such a big girl, she got her first sucker. A chocolate tootsie roll pop. Once she figured out what to do, she was a happy and sticky girl.

Here she is! All trimmed up and so thirsty from that delicious tootsie roll pop! What a big day!


Casey said...

how cute is she? very cute.

Anonymous said...

Oh, Braelyn's hair cut is adorable! I'm so glad the experience was a pleasant one for you both. I think it was less than enjoyable for my Mom, when I got my first haircut. Poor Mom. . Anyway, thanks so much for the precious pics. I have saved them to put in her scrapbook!


Erin said...

and in a big girl car seat! How is she growing up so fast and I'm missing it! You have got to stop getting a babysitter for her every time you come in town!
Love the hair - did Mama get hers done, too, or do you just like the cape that much? ;-)

Morgan said...

very cute!

Holly said...

Hey Steph!

I can't believe how big your sweet baby girl is! Did you save any of her hair? My sister did when her daughter had her first cut. Thanks for the message on Erin's blog! Can you believe how blond my hair was??? What was I thinking? :) Holly

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