Monday, November 19, 2007

Look What We Did Today, Ya'll!

Before: Around 11:00am

During: Around 2:00pm
After: Around 6:00pm

Ahhhh! What a relief to get that done! It was such a mess!
Special thanks to Nonnie (Casey's mom, Carolyn) who played with Braelyn ALL day so that we could tackle this huge project! Such a help!
And a special thanks to Blake who did lots of cleanin' and haulin' junk. As a token of our appreciation, we give you...Dickens. He is no piece of junk left behind by the previous owner, no sir! He is a treasure...and with love...we give him to you!
And to my Sweetheart, who worked so hard all day, and kept his promise to me that the garage would get cleaned...thank you. I love you!


Casey Cease said...

You are welcome my love! Thank you for your patience! I think 8 months is long enough for to wait...

I love you!


carahinojosa said...

Looks great! Now all y'all need is a few strings of twinkling lights along the ceiling and some saw dust on the floor...'cause I'm sure there's no place in Brenham to go two-stepping...

Casey said...

can you guys come do mine?? --That is actually on our list of things to do this weekend, while we are getting the Christmas stuff out, might as well clean it fully! --moved in in april, and there are still boxes in the garage to be unpacked!

Morgan said...

y'all have a big garage!! we are constantly cleaning ours, and constantly filling it with junk! it is a never ending cycle.

Anonymous said...

I have two things to say ~ First, the pumpkin cranberry muffins were AWESOME!!!! I got to try one of them yesterday, and it was really good! Steph, I think they needed to sit for awhile to achieve their full potential!!!!

Secondly, it was a pleasure and an honor to get to spend the day playing with the adorable, sweetest of the sweet little girls ~ Braelyn. My job was the easy one! The garage looks great now. . . a job well done!

Love you guys,

Erin said...

Yea, you! Yet more to be grateful for!