Wednesday, November 14, 2007

A Vacation! What a Capital Idea!

Casey and I are FINALLY going on a vacation! Our first one in almost 2 years! And, not only that, we are going alone. That's right folks...Braelyn is staying with the grandparents for 4 days! This will be the first time that I have left her over night. I am super excited, but also a little nervous to be away from my baby.

So, you may have guessed that we are going to Austin. Just a little getaway to rest, relax, walk, read, shop, eat, and SLEEP IN! Oh, my gosh! Honestly, my heart is all aflutter at the thought of sleeping (uninterrupted) until my body decides that it's time to get up. (This has not happened in 16, almost 17 months!)

Historically, Austin has not been our most successful vacation destination. Apparently, our state's capital does not bring out the best in Casey or me, because every time we've been there, we end up arguing, or we don't know what to do. We just don't end up having that much fun when we're there. "So why are you going back?" you ask. Well, thank you so much for asking! I'll tell you. We are redeeming Austin. We are bound and determined to make great memories there.

Everyone talks about how it's the greatest place ever, and if they could live anywhere in Texas, it would be Austin. Without a doubt, the people who have this opinion are cooler than we are. We are just not hip enough to know where to go and what to do. So all you Austin lovers out there...HELP! We're not planing on scheduling every moment of our trip. We are there to relax, but we would greatly appreciate any tips and inside scoop you have on experiencing Austin.

One thing I know for sure...we are going to the The Book People Book Store. I have never been, but I've heard amazing things! Besides that, clueless. Help us redeem Austin!


Catherine Haskew said...

I am so excited you are going to redeem Austin! I dont know if you have Hotel reservations yet, but I would recommend the Hotel San Jose. It's in a really cool part of town (S. Congress) with a ton of Cafes and cool Antique stores next to it and a very easy walk to downtown Austin. When are you guys planning on going?

Cindy said...

When are you coming to Austin? If it is sometime in the next few weeks, you should come visit us! Let me know...I'll email you a list of things to do too!

brandi H. said...

I also love the south congress area. lots of cool shops. i love the mexican restaurant there; can't remember the name. i also like kirbey lane cafe, which has good breakfast (other meals are great too). amy's ice cream. those sunset cruises on lake austin look like they could be kind of touristy-fun, but we've never tried it. watching the bats fly out from under the south congress bridge at sunset is supposed to be really interesting. you could drive out to some of the small towns in the hill country for antique shopping. i'll let you know if i think of other stuff. have fun!

crystal said...

steph! thanks for stopping by my didn't intrude at all!! as you can see i haven't blogged much lately, but it comes in spurts for me! anyway, mark and i were in austin a few weekends ago, and we ate an AWESOME seafood restaurant on 5th street called Eddie V's. It was great and I don't even like seafood generally! We also stayed at the Hyatt Lost Pines right outside of Austin. It was awesome as well with an amazing spa where we got incredible massages! I recommend it!

Jenny said...

Okay. I hate Austin traffic and the hodge podge of streets that are so not a part of a grid plan in this ever expanding city but oh my I LOVE Austin. I went to UT and for six years I loved every nook and cranny. But in order to not overwhelm you:
1. Whole Foods is next door to Book People off of Lamar in Austin. Oh my, an organic food store with a restaurant and coffee, chocolate and Gelato bars:what's not to like.
2. Kerbey Lane is a good breakfast and anytime place and Austin has 3 different locations.
3. For a fabulous view and yummy coffee and dessert do go to Mozart's Coffee Roasters (on the Lake and they have their own website:
4. The Bob Bullock Texas History Museum next to UT campus is really neat.
5. For a neat sunset spot (but these days it may have more foot traffic than when I was there last in 2001) go to Mt. Bonnell (google Mount Bonnell in austin for directions).
6. For a compact shopping area with some good restaurants around Go to the Arboretum area (where 360and 183 intersect). shops there are: crate & barrel, the container store, pottery barn, barnes & noble, bed, bath & beyond, REI, a huge shoe store, and so many more. Places to eat: La Madeleine's, Cheesecake Factory, Macaroni grill, TGI Fridays, Bucca de Bepo (a must if you like or love Italian), DAve and Busters and so many more, plus a nice Amy's Ice Cream near the Barnes and Noble (you kind of have to search around the corner for it.
7. Gateway movie theater is also in the Arboretum area in case you get the movie urge.
8. Half Price books is near UT campus off of Guadalupe and has a wonderfully obscene number of tenderly used books and sometimes less than half price.
9. The Paramount theater. Off of Congress near the capitol. They have old or new movies from time to time or touring broadway venues.
10. UT campus. I love all the tree lined walks across this campus. I know that is my own personal nostalgia but if you want a pretty good free museum the LBJ museum on the campus right off of Red River Rd is a nice stop.

I am a blank when it comes to 6th street. I went off and on when I was in school and it was ever changing. I hope y'all have a great time and that you will later blog about the fabulous trip and Austin redeemed.

Cynthia said...

We love Marble Falls and the Bluebonnet Cafe. Delicious pie and home-cooked food. The drive there is breathtaking with hill views the entire time. Hopefully soon I can offer you more "inside" knowledge of Austin! Maybe y'all can stop by and see our apartment(right by the Arboretum)?!

Steph said...

To Cynthia,
Well, we hadn't checked with you yet, but it was already on the agenda to come and see you guys. We were basically going to invite ourselves over. :)