Friday, November 16, 2007

A Public Service Announcement

Someone I love very much is on her way to becoming a non-smoker. I am so excited and so proud of her. This fabulous news reminded me of a little public service announcement I felt compelled to make a few years back while waiting in a London train station.

Public, you have officially been served!
And to the one giving up lighting up, I love you and YOU CAN DO IT!!!


Catherine Haskew said...

Yay for whoever is quitting smoking!!! I am loving the public service announcement, we should make more of those!

The Leivas said...

Hi Steph!

I found your blog last week. I am just starting the whole blogging thing, but I too love being able to keep up with everyone. Braelyn is so cute. I love her halloween costume. It looks like you and Casey are loving Brehnam.

Have a great week!