Wednesday, February 13, 2008

A Post About Nothing

I'm feeling the urge to blog, as I do not like to go too many days without posting something new. Unfortunately, I don't really have anything to blog about. Thus, a post about nothing....just the this and that of my week. I think a list of nothingness will suffice.

~ My whole family is sick.
~ The second placemat I made came out worse that the first one. This is annoying! The shape is funny, the fabric isn't laying right and this utensil pocket is also crooked.
~ Tuesday is Casey's official day off (since he's speaking every weekend for forever!), and so yesterday was family day. Lazy in the morning and then a trip to College station in the afternoon. Very fun. I love Tuesdays!
~ Tomorrow Casey is camping out most of the day and through the night at St. Paul's Day School so that Braelyn can go to school there in the fall. That seems crazy, doesn't it? I am going to go visit him and bring him a care package of treats. Pray that we get in! (Oh, and Casey is sick and after staying there all night he has to go to the airport, fly to Abilene and do a D'Now! He's amazing!)
~ Transform's new website is going to be up this week! Not sure what day yet, but soon. Keep your eye out for it at
~ I am going to my last Bunco party tomorrow. :( This is very sad. For two years I've played in this bunco group, but I have to give it up as it has started conflicting with our Thursday night community group. I love the girls in this group and I love the game...although, I hardly ever win. Hopefully, I will sub every once in a while, and to make up for the girls' night void, a group of us are going to start a little, once a month "sewing circle." So, not all Sugar Land girl time is lost! :)
~ Speaking of LOST...I think this season is pretty good!
~ I was supposed to go see my brother play baseball in San Antonio this weekend with my family, but now I'm not. Just couldn't seem to fit all the pieces together. Bummer!
~ I think I want to bake something soon. Don't know what yet.
~ Casey and I do not buy each other Valentine's Day gifts, or cards...nothing. Maybe a hug and a kiss.
~ Alright, I think this is all the nothin' I got. Hopefully, I'll post about something soon. :)
~ Have a Happy Valentine's Day tomorrow.


annette said...

I will be in prayer for Casey to be healed and Braelyn to get into the school.

xxoo Mrs Annette

Sara Triana said...

I like all your nothings. I really do.

The Kramer Family said...

This post about nothing couldn't have came at a better time. Really!

We have been contemplating the whole school thing for Kaylyn, our 3 year old. But, being that we know nothing about Brenham, we don't know the who, what, when, where's of any of the schools.

We just know that we want her to go to school. I guess that is the first step isn't it? Ha!

I'd like to talk to you more about this. I know this is weird putting my e-mail on here but I'm desperate. If you could e-mail me I'd love to ask you some questions!

Thanks so much! I hope you guys get to feeling better. Today was jason's b-day and he seems to have gotten to the flu as his present. Joy!


Morgan said...

we will miss you at bunco!! but i am excited about our sewing circle!! see ya tonight!

brandi said...

i remember the overnight campout. bless our boys for doing the dirty work! last year it was mostly moms who did the sleepover. i felt so bad for them. this clearly falls under Dadddy department, right?