Sunday, February 3, 2008

Super BOWEL Weekend

This past week and weekend has been largely influenced by my daughter's potty problems. I never imagined how much Braelyn's diaper would determine my days...and nights!

It started last Tuesday or so. She woke up about 1:30am (which wasn't that unusual since she had just been sick and was waking up a lot), but what was unusual was that she was soaking wet with tee tee! This never happens! So I changed her clothes, Casey changed her sheets...everyone back to bed.

The next day, she woke up in the middle of the night with diarrhea! Grrross! Luckily, it was fairly contained. In the days that followed, the diarrhea continued, the interrupted sleep continued, and on several occasions a new set of pjs was required. By the middle of the week, the rough nights were starting to get to me, but what can you do?

The weekend arrived. I had been looking forward to this weekend for a while, because we were going to Sugar Land and on Saturday I was getting together with some of my favorite friends to learn and practice sewing. We were all bringing our sewing machines, supplies and project ideas. It promised to be a much needed afternoon with the girls and a chance to plug away at my neglected pillow project. Well Friday night, Casey and I had a dinner party to go to. We had a very nice time, but it ran a little late, foiling my plans to run into Hobby Lobby for my missing sewing supplies. I thought, "OK, I'll just get up a little earlier, drop Braelyn off at my mom's and run into Hobby Lobby before the sewing party begins." Well, sure enough...1:00am...DIARRHEA...the uncontained variety! We get her cleaned up, but putting her back to bed didn't come quite so easily since we were away from home. We spent the next two hours all snuggled up in one bed, awake! Finally, Casey put her back in her crib and we all went back to sleep. Needless to say, the morning arrived uninvited and unwelcome and the three of us avoided the inevitable for as long as possible. I soon realize, however, that there was now no time for me to go to Hobby Lobby. So, I went to the sewing party unable to work on my project. I still had a great time chatting and seeing others get their first lesson in sewing, but I couldn't help feeling a little bummed.

To top off the weekend, I gave Braelyn a bath this morning (now back at home), and I'm sure you can guess what's coming. About 5 minutes into it, she stands up and we're singing to each other and laughing, having a great time. Suddenly, she gets very focused. No, she wouldn't do that, she's never done that. Her face starts to color. Oh my gosh, she's gonna do it! Oh, my gosh, she did it!!!!! Poo in the tub!!!! What do I do? This has never happened before. I fish out poo with a cup (at least it was fairly solid!) and get her out of the tub. I wipe her tush and proceed to clean the tub. We had not accomplished our goal of actually bathing yet, so Braelyn stood naked, waiting to get back in. And of course, what happens next? She tee teed on the mat! Brilliant!

So, to sum it all up, I'm tired, I have poo poo pajamas to wash, I have unsewn pillows, and I have a dirty bath mat. But, at least the timing was useful for a clever title ;).

Alright, it's 12:00am...I'm pooped! G'night.


annette said...

I pray this is a week filled with sleep and good health for the 3 of you.

xxoo Mrs Annette

Brandi said...

oh, sweetie. what a mess.
when jonas was not quite two, he would take off dirty diapers and bring them to me. once he was upstairs when he did this. he slid down the stairs as he had been taught: on his bottom. dirty diaper in hand, dirty bottom on the floor. did i mention the stairs were carpeted?
we were a half hour late to church that day, after an exercise in stain removal.

Anonymous said...

Oh, this brings back memories of when our oldest was about your daughter's age. She pooped in the tub almost every night for awhile! We would just let the water out with her standing up, rinse her off, fish the undigested "remains of the day" off the drain cover, then fill again with water. I always just assumed the warm water relaxed her! I hope you can catch up on your rest today!

Lynnette said...

Girl I totally understand to be woken up with poop everywhere is not fun and then of course Cortlyn thinks its playtime at 2am. And he of course has peed and pooped in the tub. Funtimes!!! Still being a mommy is great even during poopy days and nights!!

jessica said...

Oh Steph, yuck! Posts like this do NOT turn on my "I want to be a mom" gene. Reading that and having two kids splatter vomit all over my legs in class today (the first good skirt-wearing day in two months!) left me so very happy to come home to a kid-free zone. In spite of the yuckiness though, I can't wait for my turn.

Melanie said...

Hey girlie! So sorry you've had such a rough week. I too have had the pleasure of fishing out poo-poo from the tub! Gotta love those moments...right! :) Hope you catch up on your sleep those nights can be rough...uggh!

On another note, sure did enjoy your company this past weekend! Look forward to seeing you at the next one! :)