Wednesday, February 6, 2008

What God Can Do with a Crock Pot and a Casserole!

I've been meaning to write a little update about Christ Church for quite some time, but after last Sunday, I can wait no longer! Each week I fall in love with our baby sprout of a church more and more. It's been over a year now since the first few of us began meeting, and not quite six months since we officially opened our doors. I confess, there have been things that have not met my foolish expectations. I knew it would take some time in the beginning for people to start coming to Christ Church, but somewhere around two months I decided that the "beginning" was over and wondered why more weren't added to our our numbers. I (and I think others) allowed seeds of discouragement to grow into the weeds of distraction and doubt. Justin (pastor) and Casey (elder and my husband) urged us to grab onto a little thing called REALITY and understand that good things take time. So, here we are now, more have been added to our numbers and we press on...meeting together, worshiping together, praying together, studying together, and...eating together.

Every Sunday night after church we continue to worship through sharing a meal and enjoying each others' company. A meal is also shared at our Thursday night small group. I consider it worship because over that hour we eat, laugh and connect; we become invested in each other and our church, community is built, and I believe God is pleased. When Justin first mentioned doing this I thought, "Wow, that just seems like a lot of work." It is a lot of work, but I have come to realize that it is well worth the effort. Something about sitting around a dinner table creates a sense of family, and like a family, we all contribute, we all cook, we all help set up, and we all clean up. It's hard to stay disconnected when you're asked to bring a casserole, you know?

Anyways, I love this tradition and marvel at what God's doing through it. Again, He has humbled me and amazed me.

Last Sunday's Feast. Way to go Peter on the pulled pork and ribs!

After dinner, everyone headed to our house to watch the Giants triumph over the Patriots! Braelyn was in bed, so everyone had to celebrate with spirit fingers.
Well done Eli, well done!


annette said...

The Lord is pouring out His Spirit on your dear church...keep praying, stay in the word, and worship with your whole heart!

Casey Cease said...

AND you have become quite the cook!!!

Love you...