Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Homemade Pillow #2

On Saturday I got together with a group of girls for our second sewing circle. The idea is that once a month we will get together with our own sewing machines and our own projects in mind and simply sew together in the same house. It's a great opportunity for quality girl time, project inspiration and for learning and trying new things in the realm of sewing. The less experienced get help from the more experienced, which is critical to my participation in the circle, as I am in the less experienced group.

My project for this March party was to complete the second of about 7 pillows I have in mind for my couch. If you go here you can see my first homemade pillow, all alone on my gigantic couch. Anyways, this project was quite the undertaking in my mind because, not only was I going to sew the pillow (which is still a daunting task for this beginner), but I wanted to put fringe around the edge. It didn't take me long to realize that it was not just a huge undertaking in my mind...it was a huge undertaking in reality! So while I am trying to remember how to thread my machine(not a good start!), I think to myself that perhaps this project is better suited for someone who has even the tiniest clue of what they're doing. Despite this brief moment of rational and logical reasoning, my stubbornness and pride urged me to keep going and I fumbled on.

All I have to say, if it weren't for the encouragement of my sewing circle friends in general, and the very helpful and talented Morgan, specifically, I would be showing you a crooked, red, fringy mess! But because of them, I can show you a finished product that I am quite proud of...just don't look too closely! :)
Morgan working on my corners! She did all 4. Those corners'll getcha!
At home with homemade pillow #1.
Up close.

There you have it. I'm so glad that I didn't give up. The plan is to make another pillow just like this one for the other side of the couch. Haven't decided yet if I'll brave the 2nd one on my own. We'll see. Thanks Sewing Circle friends! See you next month...I hope :)


Jason and Sarah said...

You're other little pillow definitely needed another friend on that big couch! They both look great!

Cynthia said...

I like the color combination. Fringe is challenging, and for your second pillow project - Wow, I'm impressed!

Erin said...

It looks great in it's place! Good work, you!

annette said...

Looks great...can't wait to see the rest. Do you knit? I bought knitting lessons on DVD and never got to watch them during the winter.

Don't get a nose ring...just kidding...

Mrs Annette

monique said...

I'm impressed! Great Job, Steph

Alyssa Lynn said...

your pillow is.. greaT I love it

I started doing the thing you tagged me in, but couldn't think of anything smart :( hahha

so i am going to wait until something smart comes to me :)

Jenn said...

i agree. i want to see you again. i'll call you when i get back from easter break.


Caryn said...

Cute pillows! I wish I knew how to sew! :-)