Monday, March 24, 2008

The Past Week: 1-10

1. Got cottage cheese?

2. Braelyn loves to see her uncle Tyler play baseball! We went to Austin to see him play on Friday and had a great time. Braelyn was really into the game. That's my girl!

3. Saturday night I had a MASSIVE breakdown over a trifle. A trifle, in this case meaning both "an article or thing of very little value" and a delicious, layered dessert. Okay...let me explain. I had been working very hard all day long to get ready for Easter. I felt pretty proud of myself for managing my time well, as I was not frantic to get things done, but still had to work efficiently. At around midnight, I finished the all the cooking (including my beautiful trifle dessert - my crowning Easter achievement, btw) and cleaning, minus a few little jobs that could easily be done in the morning before company arrived. Despite the late hour, Casey and I decided to watch an episode of Heroes to wind down. We enjoyed our show, and then turned off the lights. As soon as my muscles began to relax, my eyes popped wide open in the darkness. OH NO! Whip cream breaks down! PANIC! The recipe called for cool whip, but I, thinking I was quite clever, thought I would use whip cream out of the can so that I could keep the layers nice and tidy. So at 1:15ish I ran to the fridge, and sure enough, the layers of my trophy dessert were sadly merging and migling and sagging. Thus, the massive breakdown began. This, I will not describe to you, but I will tell you that on Easter morning I was bright and early at Wal-mart and soon after, a new, beautifully layered, chocolate delight was produced...with cool whip, of course! :)

4. Easter. Casey's family and my family came to Brenham to celebrate. Braelyn had a great time hunting for Easter eggs. Church was beautiful! A wonderful time of worshiping the Risen King and fellowship among the Family.

5. Easter. This Easter, like every Easter (and Christmas) since becoming an adult, I spend most of the day agonizing over how we as Christians should celebrate it. It really comes down to this: Why do we celebrate the birth and resurrection of our Savior by buying ourselves (and/or our kids) things and why must we include a make-believe character? I have a lot of conflicting emotions on this subject and I may devote a whole post to it at some point. But for now, I'll just tell you that I brood over this. On Sunday, I was brooding.

6. Easter. We had two and a half very special guests stop by. Phil, Cynthia, and baby Ethan...still cookin'.
This was my first time to see Cynthia's cute baby belly. Seeing my friends was definitely an Easter highlight. And can I just say, that I thought I looked pretty cute in my new dress, however in this picture, it is freakishly unflattering! I promise there is just one pregnant lady in the picture!

7. After all the craziness of the week, today, I vowed to do nothing! I didn't go anywhere. I haven't spoken to anyone except Casey and Braelyn. The only chore-ish thing I allowed myself to do was to unload and re-load the dishwasher. I enjoyed the beautiful day. I enjoyed the the Lord and His Word. I enjoyed my daughter. For the most part, I stayed away from the TV and the computer. It has been a quiet, peaceful, relaxing, glorious day. An honest to goodness Sabbath.

8. Braelyn had her first sucker today, at least, the first one I know of.

9. I got a couple bunches of fresh flowers to put in the house for Easter. They make the house seem so friendly. Today, I decided to have fresh flowers in the house indefinitely.

10. This week marked the one year anniversary of our move to Brenham.


Sara Triana said...

All in all, it sounds like a nice Easter-- fitting, eventful, and celebratory. Fresh flowers are an essential in my home, too.

annette said...

Happy Easter to you Steph. I used to be conflicted about the Santa and Easter egg thing. After you do your post on the subject, I'll tell you what I decided on the matter.

Keep buying flowers! Plant zinnias next month, you can cut them all summer long.

xxoo Mrs Annette

Cynthia said...

You would never know by your cheerfulness and calm when we arrived that your night and morning had been frantic. Your dress was super cute (I was envious) - it made me think about how I can make one to flatter my expanding waistline! Off to JoAnn's today to look for patterns - if they exist!

Erin said...

I couldn't believe that was NOAH!! wow!
Love the smile on her face with that cottage cheese!!
Yes, I'm interested to hear your thoughts on the bunny.
I liked both yours and B's Easter dresses!
Great post. wish i could have some of that trifle!

Alicia Ziman said...

My child is looking WAY too grown up in this photo! WAAAAA! He loves his cousin though! Thanks for a great time Sunday, the dessert was the best!!! (Noah also raved about your scones again)


Anonymous said...

Thanks for a lovely Easter, Steph. Everything was just perfect!


Caryn said...

We used to do a lot of brooding about how we were going to celebrate the holidays in a more Christ-centered way. We had many thoughts about it, but no clear direction. Then when we came to Bethlehem, Noel Piper gave me her book, "Treasuring God in Our Traditions". It gave us so much clarity and conviction. Our brooding was over after reading that book. Every young family should read it!