Monday, March 17, 2008

I'm It!

I think I have been tagged by my fellow Brenham Blogger, Lynsey, (unless she knows another Steph C, and then I'm gonna feel like a real idiot). I always think these things are kinda fun. Here we go.

Where was I ten years ago?
I was a senior at Clements High School in Sugar Land. Casey and I were in our third year of dating. He was in college at UofH, and at the time that didn't seem weird, but now it totally seems weird, and Braelyn will never date a guy who's in college when she is still in HS!
I spent the majority of my life dancing and assisting classes. I practically lived at the studio. Mrs. Annette on my list of blogs was my ballet teacher...lots of great times with her! :) The only thing I was really involved in at school was PALs. That was fun.

Things on my To-Do List today:
- Tackle the mountain of laundry! Mostly towels and sheets. I'm pretty good about keeping up with the clothes, but man, those towels get outta hand!
- Plan out meals for the week
- Go to the store...Monday is Grocery day
- Deep clean the kitchen
- Dusting (maybe)
- Go for a walk
That sounds like a thrilling day, doesn't it?!

What would I do if I suddenly became a billionaire?
First thing...probably buy Christ Church a building and make it look awesome! Then maybe pay off our house and do some serious home improvement Or, more than likely I would just buy one of the super cute houses that I've got my eye on around here. We only have one can understand. Buy Casey a new car, poor thing...his windshield wipers won't turn off. Create hefty college and wedding funds. I would give to Crossbridge (our home church back in SL), Transform and all of its ministries, and I'm sure some other ministries that I can't think of right now. And I would travel...a lot!

3 of my bad habits.
1. In the morning, when Braelyn wakes up, I am usually not ready to wake up and so I have gotten into this HORRIBLE habit of letting her watch Blue's Clues so that I can snooze for a few more minutes. I know, I'm so ashamed...BUT I CAN'T STOP!
2. Checking my blog and yours way too often.
3. I do have a bit of a temper, however, I honestly only lose it on Casey and myself, oh...and my dumb dog. I can usually keep it together for everyone else. It should be noted that I cannot be held responsible for losing my temper...I have red hair. I did not choose that. It's not my fault.

5 jobs I've had.
1. Dance teacher
2. Seasonal cashier for Zale's. The manager hired me when Casey and I picked out my engagement ring.
3. Youth intern at SLFUMC
4. Substitute teacher
5. 1st grade teacher

5 Things you don't know about me.
1. I have a dumb dog. We have a ridiculous pug named Tucker. He has so many issues. He costs us so much money! The only thing he cares about is food and following me around, which I cannot for the life of me understand because I am not very nice to him. He is now and will ever be free for the taking. Anyone? Anyone?
2. Ever since college I have wanted a nose ring. Just a teeny, little stud. My friend Brandi who lives here in Brenham got one shortly after she moved here, so I decided to just live vicariously through her, but ever since I cut my hair, the urge has returned. Feel free to leave your opinion on this matter.
3. I want to write travel books. I love to travel, I like to write. I thought maybe the latter habit could support the former. We'll see.
4. I mentioned earlier in the post that I was a dancer, but you may not know that that is what I wanted to do when I "grew up". I danced through college and did a couple of professional concerts and performances, but shortly after college I felt the Lord leading me to stop, at least for a time. I love dancing so much, and the longer it's been since I have danced the more I seem to miss it. But, still to this day I believe that I did the right thing. Maybe I'll do a post later on to share more of the details.
5. I don't eat red meat. In 4th or 5th grade I got sick on a Whataburger and couldn't eat hamburgers after that. I soon realized that didn't prefer other types of red meat, and since it's not the healthiest choice anyway, I gave it all up. However, if I am at a church event or over at someone's house I will gladly eat whatever they put in front of me. It just sounds so snotty to say, "Um, I don't eat that."

There you go. My reign as "it" is over. I now tag
Julie A.
Robin B.
Mrs. Annette
Jessica K.
and Alyssa

Happy St. Patrick's Day!


crystal said...

steph! i also wanted to dance when i "grew up". i have gone back to dance one night a week and it has been fun.
and as far as the nose ring..... DO IT!

p.s. i have a new blog address.

The Kramer Family said...

wow! i just learned soooo much about you. i had no idea you were a dancer. we love to dance around here! i've been wanting to put kk in a christian dance studio, but i don't really know if one exists here. there is a GREAT one in College Station, but that is too far.

i LOVE the nose ring idea. i've been wanting one for years. jason has actually been encouraging the idea a bit too!

i'm glad i tagged you! you are a fun and interesting gal.


annette said...

I did know you were a dancer..ha ha ha..and a classroom asst as you were my asst for many classes I taught...don't get a nose ring, I must say that because I am's the thing to do at my age...and since I am old, please tell me what being tagged is? Do I talk about myself (more than usual) on my blog?

xxoo Mrs Annette

annette said...

PS - How do I tag other people?

Mrs Annette

Cindy said...

Hey girl! I got a nose ring myself when Ryan was 3 months old. Brandon thought I lost my mind, but I love it! I have always wanted one and finally found a friend who wanted one too so we went and got them together. Never mind that we were the oldest people in this joint and thank God we didn't go in my minivan...I think they would have laughed in my face! But, I would tell you to do it! It did hurt more than I expected, but the pain was worth it!

Jenny said...

HEllo STeph,
thanks for sharing. How fun. I would also love to be a travel writer as that would mean that I actually get to travel. I have got to blog more. We have actually finished a big task of putting in a garden. So now besides the hum drum of stay at home momness I have something else to help grow. We actually may try to go visit some friends in ministry overseas this summer but that is mucho buckos that seem to be getting eaten up by random emergency situations, ie, van breakdown, barn repair, tractor repair. THanks for the fun blog.


Melissa said...

I've wanted a nose ring for years!!! But there was always a reason I couldn't... my mom, my teaching job, and now my hubby. Oh well. You'd look so cute with one though, especially with the cute cut!

Robin Brient said...

Totally get the nose ring! It would look so cute with your new haircut! Now I am going to attempt to answer these questions! Love you! Casey's radio show is pretty cool btw!

Casey Cease said...

You want a nose ring?!?!



Alicia Ziman said...

Ok... speaking from experience.. multiple holes in my years...
1) Didn't do the nosering thing, pretty much I heard it was the most painful of the piercings... friends told me it hurt like a SOB
2) When you tire of it, expect a scar... I have 2 nice scars that you can still see by my eyebrow! And a dent in my tongue. Ugh
3) face jewelry is fodder for babies and toddlers to pull out.. hence the reason I removed mine when I became pregnant
4) They can get infected.. which is totally not cool and can make the scar even worse.

I honestly think they are neat, but having done the whole piercing thing in my youth... don't think I will go there again.. unless I one day get super skinny and splurge on another belly ring! (which probably won't happen HA!)

Love ya