Sunday, March 2, 2008

Traveling with Casey

The number one question I am asked as Casey's wife is, "Do you 'get' to travel with him a lot?" The answer used to be, with a glad and sincere heart, "Yes, I do." But since the birth of our precious Braelyn, I am a less willing travel companion, as the benefits don't quite compensate for the effort it takes to get us there. And so, more often than not, Casey is forced to face the road, the hotels and hundreds of hormonal students alone.

However, every once in a while, in an alignment of time, circumstance and familiar company I will throw reason and practicality to the wind, pack our weekend bags (the contents of which could easily sustain us for a month) and "bless" Casey with our loud, demanding and disruptive presence. Sunday we returned from one such weekend. This was a prime event to go to for a number of reasons. One, Casey had been out every weekend in February and I just couldn't spend another one alone. Two, this particular retreat was at Forest Glen, an ideal spot for the family to enjoy some quality time with nature and each other. And three, and probably the most persuasive condition, Casey was speaking to a group of adults from Foundry UMC, which meant that our dear friends, Mike and Catherine Haskew would be there.

Friday evening, with happy hearts and a healthy dose of optimism, the three of us set out. I was soon reminded, as I am always soon reminded of the high cost of togetherness. The first night, we get to our bunk bed stocked room at about 8:30pm. I get my sleeping baby out of the car, immediately lay her down in the port-a-crib that she requires us to bring, and Casey and I leave the room. He goes across the camp grounds to speak and I go to the empty meeting room right across the hall where I am a prisoner until it's time for me to go to bed. About two pages into David Copperfield, Braelyn starts fussing, thus beginning the battle of the snooze until 12am, when the three of us are all finally still, freezing, and uncomfortable in our separate beds.

Morning came brutally early, but once I got a little glimpse of the beautiful weather I was excited for what the day would bring. At breakfast I got to meet and chit chat with some of the campers, Braelyn got hit in the head with a frisbee, and in my impatience to see Catherine I snuck into her cabin and woke her up. While Casey was in a morning session, Braelyn and I had a great time playing outside and enjoyed the company of a rather large goose that was content to follow us around. Lunch came, along with some interesting conversation, but the long night began to catch up with Braelyn and our presence became quite a hindrance to the fruitful exchange. Time for a nap!

Braelyn gladly accepted the chance to rest, I grabbed my book, and once again I was restricted to the area. Luckily for me, the weather was gorgeous, and I enjoyed the genius of Dickens in the warm sunshine. After about an hour of this lonely business, my bum started to get a little sore, my eyes were getting heavy and my mouth, thirsty. No relief in sight! Finally, Casey returned just to be sent back for a Diet Dr. Pepper, thus relieving my thirst and drowsiness. I do have to say that for the next hour Casey and I were grateful for the quiet, uninterrupted conversation, although towards the end, Casey fell asleep on the concrete patio.

The rest of the afternoon was pleasant, but time went by fast. At dinner I finally got a chance to visit with Catherine for a bit, she being busy ministering and me being busy mothering. But soon, she with Casey and I with Braelyn parted ways, them to worship, us to our cabin. At 7:00, Braelyn was more than ready for bed, and I was grateful for that, but now a lot of long, lonely hours were glaring at me. I returned to the meeting room across the hall and spent the next two hours reading on a fold out chair. I confess to you, that this was when I was most disgruntled about my situation. I was jealous that I was missing out on the worship time, encouraging conversation, the bonding and the growing camaraderie that was sure to be going on across the camp. Casey stopped back by after he was done speaking, but soon left again for the BOND FIRE AND S'MORES!!! :::sigh:::I went to bed.

Sunday morning, we repeat the events of Saturday morning, with the exception that while Casey was speaking I cleaned and packed up our room. Casey was done around 10:30. Braelyn and I sat in the rocking chair outside, Casey packed the car, then we left. And there's that.

So you see, traveling with Casey just isn't what it used to be. I hate not to go, but at the same time, I hate to go. The camp schedule and the baby schedule are in constant opposition to one another, and I end up the lonely loser. :::sigh::: Oh well. I know it will get better as Braelyn gets older, but for now, I'll probably just stay home.


Sara Triana said...

Oh poor lonely loser! Soon she will be a camper, too, and then you can teach her "I got two."

Abbie said...

I was thinking of you today! Hope your mind is at peace and that your weekend in some crazy way was, in fact a little restful! :)

Catherine Haskew said...

I know it was hard, but I had so much fun seeing you for the little bit that I got to. You guys were such a blessing to everyone on the trip. And I dont just mean Casey, I mean you and little B too :).

annette said...

Glad you had gorgeous weather and saw your friends. My cousin was married at Foundry UMC years ago. I will ask if they still attend there.

Hope your week is blessed.

Love ya!

Erin said...

Well, at least you have a nice smile on your face! Well done!