Saturday, June 28, 2008

Baby's First Pedi

What's a girl to do when her daddy's out pressure washing?

Get a pedicure!
Perfectly Pink, please!

Looks good, mom!Braelyn quite enjoyed her outdoor pedi.
It was the first thing she told daddy when he got home. :)

Speaking of pedicures...
Question: How young is too young to get a pedicure? Like a real live pedicure that you pay for?
I would say, if you still carry a baby doll...YOU'RE TOO YOUNG!

Last week I was getting a fabulous pedicure, but there were a few disturbing moments. The first was when I realized that there was a 5-ish year old girl getting a pedicure (with her baby) in between her parents...yes, both mom and dad.

The second disturbing moment occured when the lady who was giving me my pedicure asked me...out of NOWHERE...if I wanted my eyebrows done. I politely, but a little confused said no thank you, to which she looked at me as if to say, "Lady, you do not want to be seen in public with those crazy eyebrows!"

Now, there are plenty of spots on my body that I fuss and obsess over, my eyebrows, however were not one of them! I always felt sort of lucky that I didn't have to "work" on my brows. But this lady, while boiling my feet in hot wax, planted a seed of eyebrow doubt. If you, Reader, call yourself my friend and have ever thought my eyebrows unruly...why have you not told me this?!!! That's your job!!!

Well, in all honesty, even if you did tell me I had unruly eyebrows, I'd probably just keep 'em like they are. I figure, who's lookin' at my eyebrows when my feet look so darn good!


Cynthia said...

Look at that princess on her throne! I love that look of her admiring your handiwork. :)

mandi said...

b is so cute! when i taught 2nd grade i had a little girl who got pedis/manis on a monthly basis! i thought she was way young for this- but she also got a cell phone for christmas, so what do i know?

and i must say that i've never noticed an unruly brow on you before. next time i'll look more closely! :)

Courtney said...

Here's what I've learned about the pedi-brow conection...they ask me every time I get a pedicure if I want to get my eyebrows waxed regardless of how my brows actually look! I confirmed this theory last week. I had my eyebrows waxed on Wednesday at my hair salon for the wedding that I'm in next week. On Friday I went to get a pedicure and my nail lady asked me if I wanted to get my eyebrows waxed! This time I knew it wasn't about my brows becuase no doubt they were looking good that day! I just think it's an easy way for them to make a few extra dollars while you are there. Don't worry Steph, I'm sure that your brows look fabulous.

annette said...

Your brows are fine, she was doing her job, trying to make a sale.

monique said...

Steph - you make me laugh out loud! I have never thought your eyebrows to be unruly, and I know ALL about unruly eyebrows (as I formerly had a unibrow - YIKES!! - you'll never get your hands on those pics)

Erin said...

Aha! You do have a princess on your hands! Love the pink chair - better not let Evy see it! Perfect! (As are your brows!)

the hungarian said...

Take it from someone who is really hairy, once you start plucking or waxing, its hard to stop. So don't start down that long road unless you really need it (which I don't recall that you do!)