Thursday, June 5, 2008

South Padre: Day 3 & 4

* Warning for LOST fans who have NOT watched this season's finale: I do mention a little something about what happened in the final episode, so you may want to stop reading ;).

Yesterday and today were pretty uneventful. We swam a lot, we ate a lot, we slept a lot...all good stuff. I did let Braelyn stay up REALLY late last night so we could actually hear daddy preach. He did such a great job! I was really proud of him. The conference room was stuffed with kids, so we stayed out in the connecting lobby. They kept the doors open so we could hear everything...the perfect set up for an unpredictable toddler. Braelyn did really well. She sat on my lap pretty much the whole time and whispered if she needed to talk. I was so proud of her too.

After worship, I put Braelyn to bed and waited for Casey to get back to the room. (There are usually kids who want to talk to him afterwards and late night activities where he likes to make an appearance.) When he finally got here, around 11ish...we FINALLY got to watch the LOST finale!!!!! It was so good! Can I just say...I am so happy that Desmond got his "money" back! Know what I mean?! Great television moment! Anybody else have a favorite scene?

I think over the summer (especially while we're at all these camps) I am going rewatch the previous seasons. There's a lot of stuff that I can't quite remember and I'm sure there's a ton of stuff that I just didn't pick up on. Hopefully, now that we have a few more of the puzzle pieces, I'll appreciate the mysteries even more!

So that's about it for us here in Padre. We leave tomorrow afternoon and head back to Brenham. Casey'll have Friday-Sunday night at home and then he heads out again Monday morning to Oklahoma. Braelyn and I are not joining him for that camp. Figured I'd give B (and myself) a little break since we're going with him to the next camp. It's a crazy life we're livin! :)

Also, I do plan on getting back to my Sacred Parenting book discussion. Sorry I've kinda dropped the ball on that. The last few weeks, all rhythm and routine have been sorta kicked to the curb. Hopefully, some resemblance of order will return to my life tomorrow...well, better not push it...let's aim for Saturday. ;)


Erica said...

haha darn that google reader! it didn't tell me you had a new post either! but it doesn't really matter because:

1) I check your blog all the time because knowing what's going on in yall's lives doesn't make me miss everybody as much.

2) I don't even know what a google reader is...

Miss you, glad to know yall are having fun! :]

Morgan said...

lost was so good!! can't believe we have to wait until january to find out what happens!! oh the suspense!!

Steph said...


annette said...

Glad Padre has been a blessed time for you and the kids at camp. Have a blessed Sabbath this weekend.


Rebecca said...

My favorite part is the way the Sun has become this fierce force to be reckoned with. Before the island she was meek and mild, obeyed whether she wanted to or not. Now, she is this powerful woman taking her destiny in her own hands.

Granted it doesn't look like she's going to use this new found power for "good", but I love her personality change.

I too am glad that Desomnd got his "money" back. I always liked him, and his "money"

Abbie said...

*sigh* for that awesome Desmond moment on the show!! Yup that was probably my fav too! :)
Ooh but the part when Sawyer jumped out of the plane *whew* that was a goodie too!

Robin Brient said...

I am trying not to read all the Lost comments bc I haven't watched it yet. Jared deleted it off the DVR so now I have to watch it on the computer cutting in and out! nice! Well, I am praying for you guys because I know traveling must be hard, especially being out of routines with B! Hope to see you guys at some point in the nearish future! I realized it has been a year since we saw you guys, right? Have a good weekend!

Lynnette said...

I to liked the part where Desmond finally got reunited with Penny. So sweet but you have to wonder since she is Whitmore's daughter what might happen since he is creepy. The show is just so weird but I love it!!!