Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Update From Camp Chaparral

Sorry I haven't posted in a couple of days...not too much goin' on. Just campin'. We are in Wichita Falls at Camp Chaparral. We've been coming to this camp for years now, we're good friends with the host and many of the campers that return year after year, so it's a good one for us to come to.

There's a lot of fun stuff coming up though:

1. Braelyn's 2nd birthday...on Saturday. I didn't want to do a big party on Saturday...1. I'm here at camp so it would be kinda of crazy getting everything ready and 2. my 10 year HS reunion is that night. So on Saturday we'll just keep it just the three of us. I was thinking we'd take her to Build-a-bear (she's been noticing it - with interest - at the mall lately) and then have lunch and somethin' sweet at the Dessert Gallery. YUM!

2. So 10 year reunion...also on Saturday. I'm a little nervous. I haven't really kept in touch with anyone, but it'll be fun I think. Has anyone gone to theirs? How was it?

3. Casey'll go to two more camps without us. We don't really like to be apart that much all at once, but he'll get a week and a half off after that, so I think we can make it. Plus, he will come home the weekend in between.

4. Speaking of the weekend in's Casey's 30th birthday...June 27th! Yea! We decided not to officially celebrate that weekend since he'll be resting from and for camp...but we will make sure he is properly sent into his thirties! :)

5. We've looked at the calendar and the best time for us to celebrate Braelyn's and Casey's birthday with family is not until July 12th or so. Better late than never I guess. But I think it'll be fun to do a Daddy/Daughter birthday.

I guess that's it for now. We'll leave this camp tomorrow afternoon and head home to Brenham. Then, Friday morning, we'll drive to Houston to get my haircut (yes, I'm sticking to my vow to never get my haircut in Brenham). And then we'll be in SL through Sunday morning. It's gonna be crazy! But good crazy...I hope!


The Kramer Family said...

Sounds like you guys are busy!

I have my 10 year reunion next year. I'm a bit nervous as well because I haven't kept in touch with anyone.....and I'm completely different (in a good way:).

Oh Steph! I forgot to tell you I went to Capelli's and went to Kasey. She did an AMAZING job! So much so, that my Aunt Debbie went to see her who hasn't had a professional haircut in 25 years. She did an amazing job on her hair too. It made her cry. Just wanted to share that!

Have a fun weekend and Happy Early Birthday Braelyn!

annette said...

I had fun at my 10 yr reunion with people I had not seen in 10 years. I had only kept in touch w/ a few people. Our 20th reunion was a blast, all signs of pretense and snobbery were gone...several of us really reconnected at the 20th reunion and get together every couple of months for dinner.

Erin said...

Hope we'll have a chance to see you and the birthday girl!! We'd love to come and sing! Give us a call!

Sara Triana said...

Give Camp Chaparral a big kiss for me. I do indeed miss it, and especially you and the FLM family.

Robin Brient said...

I can't believe Braelyn is going to be 2!!!!! That's so crazy! Tell her happy Birthday!
P.S. When are you guys going to come out to LA?

Cynthia said...

We went to my ten year reunion and it ended up being just what I needed! I hadn't kept in touch with anyone, but got to chat with a few old close friends and that was fun. More importantly, God showed me how far I had come with Him. That was invaluable. I don't think we will attend another one - so it was good for us to go. Enjoy yours!!

Caryn said...

Daddy/Daughter B'day celebrations are sweet. We did it!

mandi said...

ok- i'm late here. the day after the big par-tay. how was it???