Monday, June 9, 2008

Proud To Call This Guy Our Friend

I'm not usually one to plug music, but for John Sherrill...who we've known for a while and are proud to call our friend...I have to do it! His new CD, Join the Song, is so great! I really love it.

Braelyn usually demands that we listen to Blue's Clues Biggest Hits while we're in the car (which btw, I have listened to virtually everyday since Christmas! I know every word. Shoot me!), but today I told her I wanted to listen to John's CD and in no time at all she was singing right along. (By singing, I mean mumbling through the sentences, and then when she hears the last word of a line, she'll sing something sort of sounding like that word...a little late...but super cute.)

Anyways, if you're lookin' for some new worship tunes to listen to...check it out! Go here for a little taste. Go here to buy. :)


annette said...

Gotta say this is way better than Blue's Clues!!!!

xxoo Mrs Annette

Alicia Z said...

Don't feel bad, Noah is almost 9 and I STILL know the words to the Blue's Clues videos. B looked at me amazed when I busted out in song with Steve HA!