Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Blogger's Whine-arrhea

I...Can't...Blog!!!! (whine, sniff, sniff)

Everyone else is blogging. Oh, yes. I just looked at my Reader...18 Unread blogs! 18!

Is Pleasant Places highlighted on the Reader?
No sir. No it isn't. (Well...I guess, if you're reading this it was technically highlighted, but before it wasn't and it doesn't really count anyways because this is a whine-arrhea post.)


I'm bored with my blog.
I have not a single interesting thought right now.
I miss you people. I miss your comments. But currently...I have nothing commentable.

Tonight, Casey is out speaking, which means after Braelyn goes to bed, I'll have the evening to myself. I will blog. I will force a post, dadgumit!

In my own defense, I have been blogging less, in part, because I realized that I was spending too much time on my blog (and yours), and therefore, neglecting many of my motherly and household duties. As a result, I repented and have been trying to be more intentional with my daughter and home. This is a good change, I think.

BUT! I have also been blogging less because... I have been attending to my motherly and household duties. These are the exciting things that are occupying my brain. And as much as I like to report on diaper changing and finger painting and vacuuming, and cleaning the toilet, I feel like my readers would appreciate it if I kept that to a minimum.

But I will not give up. I will persevere. Even tonight...I will make myself blog about something other than the fact that I am not blogging.

There. Blogging Whine-arrhea complete. (That's whine - a- rrhea. Rhymes with diarrhea...just in case you weren't familiar with that term ;)

Ok, I really have to go...Braelyn has been playing with scissors for the last 5 minutes. She has the scissors to Tucker's ear right now! Oh my goodness! Pardon me, just a moment.

Ahhh...Dog ear amputation averted.

You see...How's a mother suppose to blog, huh?


annette said...

Stephanie, You are too funny! Lord God, please deliver Stephanie from blogger's block, anoint her hands to pour out Your message through her life experience. In Jesus' Name I pray.

Erica said...

At least you have the motherhood excuse! I got nothin' :[

Amy said...

Hey, I wouldn't mind reading about diapers and finger-painting! For real...

Terez said...

I'm still reading your blog! I find every post interesting and hilarious and enlightening!! Looking forward to your next one!