Monday, September 15, 2008

Silly Braelyn

Braelyn is constantly making me laugh. She is so funny, as I suppose anyone who has only been on the planet for two years is funny. The way she is expressing her understanding of the world is so delightful; I don't want to forget any of it.

Here are some of my favorite Braelyn-isms:

* All animals are silly. Anytime we see a bird (or a squirrel, or a dog, or a goat, whatever), she says, "It's a bird!...silly bird," while shaking her head. Never fails.

* Whenever we go somewhere, she usually wants to take her purse and baby. She picks up her baby so carefully. With a perceptive eye she has been watching adults pick up babies...her voice gets high and soft as she says,"I got you baby, I got you." She hunches over the cradle or stroller or wherever baby may be, and slowly picks her up as if she actually had weight. Sometimes she even grunts. :) (I know she didn't pick that up from me! ;)

* Braelyn has recently decided that she likes coffee. Almost every morning now, when she sees daddy's tell-tell mug, she says, "I wont cowffee." So, daddy gives her a little mug with a lot of milk and a splash of coffee.

* The girl loves shoes! She doesn't really care about how I dress her, but just recently, she has started forming very strong opinions about the shoes she wants to wear. And several times a week I find my entire shoe collection scattered all over the floor. She loves those high heels!

* For the most part, she calls her daddy, Daddy. But, she has observed that when I need Casey for something and he's in another room, I call out, "Case, can you get...?" So...when she needs something, especially when she's in bed, we hear over the monitor, "Case!...I need juice." Or, "Case, rock a minute." And if Case keeps her waiting too long, she busts out with the full blown, "Casey!"...Just like her mama. :)

* If I'm really focused on something abut something or if I've gotten frustrated, she'll ask," You okay, mommy?" I'll say, "Yes, I'm okay." If Casey is there, she'll immediately ask if he's okay, too. So sweet.

* Sometimes, out of nowhere, she'll declare, "I love babies!" Totally random.

* Every morning when she wakes up, she'll come into our room and wake me up by handing me all the items on my side table one at a time. I try to assure her that I don't need (or want) anything (except to still be sleeping), but inevitably, her response is, "Here ya go, mommy," and she hands me my cell phone.

* Every time Casey leaves the house, Braelyn asks him, "Going to camp, daddy? Gonna tell people about Jesus?" Every time. He could be going to the garage and she'd still ask him. I guess she heard that daddy was going to camp a lot this summer.

I know there are more, but that's all I can think of at the moment. I'm gonna try to jot them down on here when they happen. I love looking back on the cute things that she does, and I think it will be fun for her to read when she's older.


Amy said...

So cute! I need to write down Laith's little silliness things. They are SO different, children. And you think you'll remember it all, but you won't. (I can't even remember what Laith said this morning that had me smiling.) This post had me cracking up; she is adorable.

Erica said...

I LOVE this post! Especially after hunkering down with yall this weekend, I got visualize a lot of these things perfectly :] She's so precious!

The Duty's said...

Her sayings sound JUST like Taylor Joy! I bet they would love to play together. I know I've never officially met you (whatever that means!) but we should have a playdate sometime.

Jen said...

Riley was the same way about coffee!! How funny! She sure does sound awfully sweet....makes me look forward to when Kinsey really starts talking to us.

Sheridan said...

absolutely precious

kimb said...

She is SO adorable!

annette said...

She sure reminds me of her mother. I am catching up on your posts since we now have Internet again. Never thought about cable and Internet being out after power was restored.

monique said...

This makes my heart happy. The spirit of a child is so precious - and Braelyn is certainly no exception. You captured it perfectly.