Saturday, September 13, 2008

Safe and Sound and Crafting

So yesterday, after I blogged, I did run to Wal-mart to get my Ike Apron fabric. I was looking for a heavier fabric with a cute print and also a contrasting fabric for pockets. Unfortunately, there was no fabric that met both criteria, Ike Apron. I did however, get my Ike White Mocha, though. It was delicious.

So for most of the night we just hung out with our evacuees, Peter and Erica.
We hunkered down.
We hunkered down by trying to use the phrase "hunker down" as much as possible.
We hunkered down with pancakes. Chocolate chip pancakes, no less.
We hunkered down with hours upon hours of continuous news coverage.
Erica hunkered down with some homework. Good for her!
Braelyn hunkered down with some singing. :)

And I, did in fact, hunker down with some crafting.

After I put Braelyn to bed, I realized that my Ike craft night was not lost. For my birthday, my sweet friend Jess gave me an embroidery book and starter kit. So, with Ike serenading me in the background, and reporters yelling over the hurricane-force winds in the foreground, I began to learn a new craft.

This is all I got done before we went to bed (at 1am), but I was pretty happy with it and I had a lot of fun.

I finished up the rest this morning. It's a little Christmas tea towel. I'm going add some starry-snowflake things this evening, I think.

Regarding the hurricane, Brenham just got some heavy winds and rains, but nothing that caused any damage (I don't think). We never lost power, or even our satellite signal. We have a couple of broken tree limbs, but that's about all...thankfully.

To all my Houston/Sugar Land friends, I am anxious to hear how you all fared the storm. Hopefully, if you do not have power now, you'll get it back soon.


Jenn said...

steph! i learned to sew during the storm too!!! my first attempt EVER to use a sewing machine!

Jessica Bevers said...

Your stiching looks so perfect! I can't wait to see it when you're finished. I used the extra free time for sewing too - I just finished my first "level 3" tote bag and I hemmed my first dress. I feel like quite the seamstress. :-)

mandi said...

i love the word hunker! we want to make t-shirts!

and your craftiness is awesome! i recently was thinking that i wanted to take up needle pointing. you know, always on the look out to increase my grandma like qualities!

Casey Cease said...

I loved hunkering with you and B!


Erica said...

I loved her pretty singing! I wanted to tear my hair out from my math homework and I heard her singing in there and it made me happy :]

Cynthia said...

Wasn't it weird to be so removed from the majority of the danger, now that we live out of town? We just couldn't sit still thinking about everyone. We ended up going house hunting Saturday morning - a weekend as usual. Craziness!

John Wesley said...

I'm afraid I know next to nothing about sewing. I came across your comments about preparing for Ike and hope you all made it through OK. I appreciate your openness about your faith on your blog site, too.


Erin said...

oh, the things i would've done if I'd had LIGHT! COOL AIR! A COLD DRINK!! but there's no hating here. ;-) I did as much of a 1000 piece puzzle as I could by holding each piece up to a flashlight then trying to place it. Very sad, indeed.
Very impressed by your new talent!

annette said...

I tried to sleep during Ike, was so tired after all the preparations. Harper and the dogs started snoring around 10p, I watched TV until cable went out at 2:10am, the good news about it being out for 1 week is I missed most of the reporters and their antics. No damage. Kathleen's house lost a major section of the roof, they are ok, have a BIG mess to clean up and repair. Water damaged the interior of their house in a big way.