Friday, September 12, 2008

Ike and I Have Plans

It's 2:00 in the afternoon, everyone in the house is sleeping except me, and I am in the mood to blog. It's so quiet. I love it! If only I had a grande white mocha right now, it would be perfect!

Anyways. So, there's a hurricane. Ike. Even way up here in Brenham there's a little bit of hurricane hysteria going on and we Cease's are proudly on board. Casey sent me to HEB yesterday to get some supplies. I knew it was a mistake to send me, but I didn't want to be difficult. Sure enough, when I returned with our survival supplies, I was sent back. Apparently, a box of granola bars and 2 bags of popped popcorn wasn't sufficient.

But now, after a run to HEB and Wal-mart (and I think Casey went to HEB again)...we are prepared to be isolated from all modern civilization indefinitely.

We won't be completely isolated, however! We're having a little hurricane party. It'll be the 3 of us, of course, and then Erica who lives in our garage apartment and Peter, who used to live in our garage apartment. I'm hoping that the Bever's come over for an Ike Scrabble Tournament, as well.

Yes...Ike and I have big plans. I feel so motivated and energized, for some reason!? It's like real life just stops.

Here's what we have planned:
- Blogging (I am hoping for more than just this post)
- Sewing! I haven't sewn a stitch in months and I am dying to get to work on an apron. (I have been cooking a lot lately and consequently, staining all my clothes!)
- Baking with Braelyn
- Watching a little Lost and a few old movies I recorded on the DVR

Now, if the power goes out, I realize that my plans will be foiled. But, no worries, I have plans for that too. There's always Scrabble and I could very well finish Northanger Abbey this weekend.

Braelyn and I have already gotten a head start on our hurricane activities. Finger Painting! (I saw the paints while I was getting our survival supplies at HEB and thought that those were indeed, necessary for surviving a hurricane.)
Here we are...bracing for the storm.
I think before I officially "hunker down," I'm gonna run to Wal-mart and pick up my apron fabric. And maybe that white mocha. ;)

(On a more serious note: We will keep all our Fort Bend friends and people with farms and livestock in our prayers. Keep safe and dry.)


Casey Cease said...

Now I know why you got SO many survival supplies (NOT)... You saw the finger paints and wanted to fit them into the budget! ;-)

crystal said...

ha! steph! mark is probably WISHING i would have gotten what you did! i went waaaaaaaay overboard and when i got home, mark was like, "are you serious?" i knew i was probably getting to much but i can't stand to not feel prepared!! so what if i had to use our grocery money for next week? we will have plenty of canned fruits and veggies to eat next week!! hehe....

annette said...

WE are boarded up, have supplies, and are tired. Harper does not think the house in Matagorda will make it due to waves coming over the road from East Bay, it's not on the beach, it's on the river.

We are having strong gusts now. It's been a long time since I was an anything over a Cat 1.

I will be unplugging the computer soon.

Love & Peace to you!

Caryn said...

I love your light-hearted spirit and peace in the midst of the Ike Chaos. We're praying for all of our friends down there!

Alicia Z said...

6 days and STILL no power... >sigh< at least the parents have power now... time to go hang there! :) Dang Centerpoint!