Monday, May 18, 2009

At The Lake...Year Two

For two years now, we Ceases have spent some time at our favorite little Lake House Retreat Center before the craziness of summer begins. And for two years now, we have endured some sort of catastrophe. Last year, it was this.

This year...a much sadder story. The first night we were there we went to Olive Garden for dinner. After our salad, Braelyn and I went to powder our noses. We washed our hands, her first and then me. As I was drying my hands, Braelyn stepped in front of the door. I always tell her to move away from the door...always!...but I literally was throwing away my paper towel when someone opened the door.

Sure enough, the door opened right on her and she immediately ran to me. I figured she was more embarrassed than anything, cause she wasn't really crying, but she just wouldn't shake it. Suddenly, I look down and see a little blood coming out of her big toe nail. I put her up on the counter, and Lord help me, the whole darn thing was ripped off...hanging on by threads.

And the inconsolable crying began...

I went to our table, showed Casey the damage and said I'd meet him in the car. By the time he boxed up our food and paid and made it to the car, she had calmed down and really has been a trooper about it ever since, minus the attempt to put a band-aid on it (she has a thing about band-aids...hates 'em).

Anyways...I shamelessly got a few pics of the injury. (I know...what kind of mother am I?) Caution! These are a little graphic!

In the car...a few minutes after the incident. (She had stopped crying, I promise!)
So today...4 days or so after the incident, the little guy is still holding on...barely...go on that picture to get a better look. You know you want to.See that folks...justa flappin' in the wind. Gross! I know it wouldn't hurt to pull it off, but she won't let me touch it. I'm hoping it doesn't make it through the night.

But really...she's been great about it. She has gotten much more hysterical about her mosquito bites. I swear, these mosquitoes will be the death of me!

But back to the Lake House retreat. The rest of our stay was wonderfully relaxing and enjoyable. Before we went home, we took Braelyn to the little Children's Museum at the Woodlands Mall, which was super fun once the swarm of elementary school kids left.

Here's a few pics to take your mind off the previous two.

So here she's at a sand table. And guess what? There's a ton of sand on the ground. And guess what else? My daughter with the flapping toe nail and exposed flesh is barefoot. Awesome. She is so lucky to have such brilliant parents. Oh and she's wearing the museum's dress up clothes, btw.
Ah...there she is! Mom of the year!

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Morgan said...

i ripped part of my toe nail off yesterday too! but i did it to myself, closing a door onto my toe. luckily, my toe didn't look as bad as braelyn's!! what a trooper!