Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Sweet Somethings

Before Braelyn and I left for the Lake House last week, a little something came in the mail for me. A prize! My sweet friend Ashley celebrated her 500th blog post with a drawing...and I was the lucky winner!

Lucky indeed! I loved my prize so much, I thought I'd share.

This super cute teapot, cup and spoon rest (is that what that's called?) and some tea, of course. Plus a magazine to enjoy while sipping my tea.
Don't you just love it!?

It was such a pleasant surprise. Thanks so much Ashley!!! You have such a great blog. I can't wait to keep reading through the next 500! Keep 'em coming!

While I'm here I thought I'd show you little something Braelyn and I did today. We looked around the park and our own front yard and picked some flowers and leaves that we thought were pretty or interesting. Then we carefully arranged them on a circle cut out of contact paper. We just put another contact paper circle on top...and now we've got a little nature window.This was super fun, cheap and easy! My kinda craft! It was the perfect day for a nature craft...the weather just doesn't get any more beautiful than this!

Hope you're out enjoying it!

And thanks everyone for all my birthday wishes!


mandi said...

oh man! that tea pot is so cute! i NEVER win blog giveaways. what's the dealio?

love the sun catcher you guys made. we are studying flowers this week- i think i'll have to copy that idea!

Ashley M said...

i'm SO glad you liked it. hope it (the tea for one set) sits through tons of sweet, still or refreshing moments with you. also, i hope you like tea :)