Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Some Overdue Birthday Pics

A few weeks ago we got together with a few of our friends to celebrate my birthday and Casey's graduation. We partied at one of our favorite little spots...The Stone Cellar.

To set the mood...some live music...The Preacher and the Blind Man. They were AWESOME! Totally made the night!

(L-R) Jessica, Beth (Fall apartment tenant), Erica (Former apartment tenant- she left about a week ago and I still cry about it sometimes! I miss you E!), Betty Rose, and Debbie

The kiddos and I had a ball! Braelyn (and Mr. Joshua there) literally danced all night long!

Jess, me and Erin

Me and Brandi
Reed and Case

Me with the love of my life!

(Sarah...there's a really cute picture of you and me, but I look pregnant so I didn't post it. I have no tolerance for looking pregnant unless I AM pregnant! :)

It was such a great night. With a celebration like that, I happily embraced 29.

I also had a fabulous birthday celebration with my family this past weekend, but I neglected to take any pictures. Thank you...for loving us so well.

Thanks everybody! We love you!


Erica said...

I miss you so much too! They threw me back into work so hard and so fast. Today was my only day off this week. Hopefully they'll hire some new people so things can kind of calm down. I promise I will be back the very first free moment I have.

I love the picture of you dancing with the kids. Precious! :]

Robin Brient said...

I am still sad we didn't get to see you guys this past weekend :(

Abba's Girl said...

Wonderful pics!

Love, Mrs Annette