Friday, December 14, 2007

Austin In A Nutshell

Ahhh...We're back. I had really good intentions of posting little vacation updates as we went along, but with all the sleeping and eating...there was just no time! :) We had such a great time! It was so nice for the two of us to get away. I'm glad I didn't give in to my weak mommy moment. (On Tuesday night before we left, I could not stop crying about being away from Braelyn. You would of thought I was sending her away to college or something. Anyways, I was flirting with the idea of taking her with us, but I knew how much it would disappoint the grandparents, and I knew that this may be the last opportunity for quite a while to make this kind of investment in our marriage. So, she stayed, we went. And I was very brave while we were gone too...I didn't even cry once!)

If I had blogged each day, I could of given you a few more details with pictures and all that, but I didn't, and actually we didn't really take any pictures. So, now all you get is our vacation in a nutshell. Here it goes:

*Slept in, room service, breakfast in bed...yum!
*Walked up and down Congress and up and down 6th Street
*Ate lunch at P.D. Riley's...charming little Irish pub. Food was okay, but the live musician made of for it.
*Walked around the Capital and went to the Texas History Museum. (After we watched the short film they have, all the walking we had done started to catch up to us. Not wanting to waste the money we spent to see the museum, we pressed through, but let's just say we took the abbreviated tour. I kept thinking, "Cynthia, would be so ashamed!")
*2 hour nap
*Dinner at the Iron Cactus...very cool. I highly recommend it!
*Watched 3:10 to Yuma in our hotel...great flick!

*Slept in, room service, breakfast in bed...that never gets old!
*Met our great friend, and new Austin local Phil Coffman for lunch (see, lots of eating). We ate at Threadgill's. Excellent...they have sweet potato fries!
*Got some Christmas shopping done at Barton Creek Mall. Before then, I hadn't bought a single gift. This was the highlight of the vacation for Casey.
*Watched an episode of 24 back at the hotel
*Dinner at the FireBowl Pei Wei, but better!
*Saw No Country for Old Men at the, don't so much recommend this movie...Casey loved it though.

*Slept in
*Ate the most delicious pancakes we have ever had at Kerbey Lane Cafe...excellent suggestion!
*Went to the Book People Book Store...amazing place. I love all the staff reviews.
*Walked around South Congress. Fun place to browse, and even better with a yummy, warm cup of coffee.
*2 hour nap (See, lots of sleeping!)
*Went to have dinner at a super cute Italian cafe we found in SoCo, but the wait was over an hour... :( This mama would've been dry heavin' all over the place...and then I would have been too embarrassed to sit down and, Freebirds.
*Grabbed some coffee/dessert at Mozart's Coffee Roasters...Fabulous atmosphere and desserts! Oh my gosh, the mousse!
*Saw Atonement at the theater...AMAZING!!! It's a good one, girls! (I had to make up for the blood and guts monstrosity we saw the night before!)

*Race home to see my baby girl! She did great the whole time, but when she saw me for the first time, you could see her process the fact that she had been away from me, as if this was the first time it struck her, and whoa mama! She threw her passy out of her mouth and looked at me like, "Where the h*%# have you been!?!" She started crying and wouldn't let go of me for quite some time...which was just fine by me.

So there's our trip. We had an amazing time and we now have a warm, little place for Austin in our hearts! Thanks so much for all your great suggestions! They helped a lot and I was always reminded of my sweet blogger buddies. :)

And here's the one picture we took. I call it Texas History Eager Beavers. (We were the first folks in the Spirit Theater at the Bob Bullock Texas History Museum.)


Erin said...

My two favorite activities: sleeping and eating! awesome! even better in a hotel room that I don't have to clean! Glad ya'll had fun - but don't even THINK about anything permanent, hear me?!

Cynthia said...

I am thrilled y'all had so much fun. I was thinking on my drive to Houston how cool it is to live in a city now that people actually want to vacation in! I am not disappointed you took an abbreviated tour of the museum - I am more impressed you fit it into your schedule! Plus, I spend lots of my time at museums analyzing their exhibit design and techniques, so I am sure everyone's visits are considered abbreviated in comparison to mine. :)

Jenny said...

Yea! Austin owed you both a good time. I loved reading all the sleeping in and movie watching y'all did (I told my husband he needs to take me to see Atonement). A couple after my own vacationing heart. I think I will try to duplicate y'all's itinerary the next visit to anywhere I am ever able to take.

Jenn said...

cute photo! i'm so glad you guys had a great time!!