Sunday, December 2, 2007

Christmas In Brenham

This weekend, Brenham had a sort of Christmas kick-off. Friday and Saturday evening, the square was blocked off to traffic, decorations went up, stores stayed open late and the sights and sounds of of Christmas made their debut. Last night, Casey, Braelyn, Nonnie, Bobby, our nephew Noah, and I went to the Brenham Christmas parade. It was definitely a moment for Brenham to show off its small-town charm. Downtown looked so beautiful all lit up and it was so fun to see the street curbs lined with families waving to their friends in the parade.

Downtown Brenham, before the parade.

Of course, Blue Bell got the party started!

We even had some friends in the parade!
There's Justin and Jonas Hyde!
I am guessing that the kiddos are little lambs,
but I'm not totally sure.
Cute, whatever they are.

Braelyn had a ball! She just loves to wave and say hi to strangers!

Before the festivities began, Casey, Braelyn and I put on our most coordinating outfits for our yearly family Christmas picture. For the short amount of time that Braelyn would cooperate, I think we got some great shots. Here are a couple of our favorites. Our #1 choice however, is reserved for the Christmas card! :)

Thanks Nonnie, for coming to Brenham and taking our picture! We had so much fun!


Anonymous said...

It was definitely my pleaure to come to Brenham to take pictures of your beautiful family. Thanks so much for inviting us to stay for the Christmas Parade. I loved experiencing Christmas in the country. I am so grateful you found some of the pictures that you really love! It would be impossible to take a bad picture of you guys. :)


Jenn said...


I want to read this book about poverty - and people in poverty/ its written for educators but working with them at AWANA - I really want to learn. Sorry I can't remember its in the other room.

And I want to read this book called Cold Tangerines. My friend told me it changed her life haha.

AND - I REALLY, SERIOUSLY want to come visit you three. Over Christmas break I will be in CS alot because of work - so can we plan a night for me to come over?

I'd love to babysit (and maybe spend the night if you guys didnt care).

Let me knwo what you think ...

crystal said...

ooh ooh! can i come when jenn comes?! :-) maybe we can carpool?!
steph- your hair is GORGEOUS! i just keep prayin my baby's hair comes out like your some day!

Cynthia said...

Beautiful pictures! Love the brick background and those trees! I also am overjoyed that the scarf I made ya made the photo!

Erin said...

I, too, love the pics, as always! And I just love a parade...especially the small town kind! How fun to have it at night in the twinkling square!

Ashley M said...


Could you email me your new address?