Monday, December 31, 2007

More Christmas Pics

Like I said, Carolyn took much cuter pictures than we did. Here's a few more pics to close out the season.
Braelyn and me on Christmas morning.
Braelyn in her sweet Christmas dress.
To get her to smile I was giving her little bites of snickers.
Cease girls smile for chocolate!
Braelyn, lovin' on her new baby.
The three of us. I LOVE my family!


Morgan said...

cute dress! i love the one where she is holding her baby!

Casey said...

such a beautiful family! Happy New year!

Erin said...

I adore that last picture. That needs to be framed for Christmas. Too bad you couldn't use that for your cards! Beautiful dress for B!!

carahinojosa said...

What a beautiful family... I dare ask which Kitchenaid you chose?!?

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year Ceases! We miss you guys too!!! Tell the whole family we said hi!