Saturday, December 29, 2007

Oh Yeah...Christmas!

I wanted to send out some warm Christmas wishes before the big day, but it just didn't happen, so...I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas! The Cease family enjoyed a fabulous Christmas, indeed! The season was pretty short for us. We didn't actually acknowledge its presence until around the 22nd, but you know, I think that's about all the Christmas I need (or want :).

We kicked off our celebrations with a classic white elephant gift exchange with the gang here in Brenham. I don't have any pictures, but it was a great night. I do have to say that the Cease's, were responsible for bringing the best gift - a singing and dancing (a little inappropriately, I might add) African American Santa Clause. I will look forward to seeing it year after year, displayed victoriously at the Hyde's beautiful home! :)

Party #2: The C Squad! A year or two ago, the Coffman's, the Cutshall's and the Cease's started doing a Christmas dinner together. This year, it was in Brenham, so Casey and I introduced them to one of the few acceptable restaurants here in town, Volare's. Back at the house we enjoyed our own individual, rose-shaped, red velvet cakes with chocolate sauce that Erin made...with a partridge in a pear tree. DELICIOUS! It was all great fun. Here's a picture of just the girls. Love you guys!
Party #3: A super fun, laid back night with the Haskew's and the Brient's. Pizza, gifts (well actually, Catherine was the only sweet one who gave gifts) and games. We decided to make this little party a yearly Christmas tradition, however, a strict dress code will be enforced...comfy PJs only!

The next phase of the holiday was the frantic, last minute shopping phase. Yes, I was among the thousands of crazy people purchasing the majority of their Christmas gifts on Christmas Eve. The one benefit to this is that there is no time for second guessing my gift choices. Normally, I like to buy and return gifts several times before I actually commit to one. I know...ridiculous!

Once that was done, well, it was Christmas Eve and so the family gatherings were upon me. My family and Casey's family celebrated Christmas Eve together. A wonderful blessing, and very fun. On Christmas, we spent the morning with the Cease's and the evening with the Jett's (my family). It was a big day. Here are just a few of my favorite moments.

Braelyn in her cute Christmas overalls!
While everyone was busy opening presents, Braelyn and I had our own sweet moment of snugglin' and smoochin'. A definite Christmas highlight!
This last picture needs some explaining. This also happened while everyone else was opening presents. During the chaos, I looked up and caught Casey's eye, then all of a sudden he starts posing for me, George Costanza style. For a long time, only Casey and I were in on the joke. I call this picture Christmas Sass!
Carolyn took much better pictures then we did, so hopefully I'll get some of those and post a few more. I just have to show you Braelyn in her precious Christmas dress! :) Besides that...I'm done with Christmas!

Mom, Dad, Carolyn, Allan-thanks for an amazing Christmas. We are so blessed to have such a generous and loving family! We love you!


Jenn said...

Steph! can i come visit you and casey on the 2nd of january? i know thats just one day as an option but i had it off of work and wanted to check :)

Steph said...

Hey! Yeah, the 2nd would be great! We would love to see you! What time do you want to come?

Cynthia said...

We had the best time! That restaurant was so wonderful - we will keep it in mind if we are ever heading to Houston around supper time. Loved seeing y'all and can't wait till next time!