Friday, December 28, 2007

A Thank You Note

Before I say anything else, I want to say thank you for all your prayers and sweet words . My family and I were so blessed and encouraged by them. I had the D&C on the 21st. All things considered, everything went fine. They put me under general anesthesia, so I didn't have to experience the process, which was probably best. Afterwards, there was no pain, no cramping at all. The craziest thing was that up until the surgery, I was still feeling so tired and sluggish, but almost as soon as I got home, I started feeling back to my old self again...physically anyway. I was so thankful to once again be able to give my full, whole-hearted attention to Braelyn. Our time together has been so sweet.

Some sadness still lingers. With the first miscarriage, it sort of hit me right away and all at once. This time, the hurt is taking its time to disperse itself. It comes in short waves and each time I'm a little surprised by its reappearance. I think Casey is experiencing the same thing. But really, we are doing very well. We had a wonderful Christmas, a wonderful time with friends and family, and now we are enjoying some (much needed) quiet, family time before real life begins again. The blessing of all this is that I am reminded of the Lord and His goodness, and Casey and I are forced to re-acknowledge how much we need each other.

...all for the good of those who love Him! Amen! Thanks again for visiting and reading and sharing and praying.

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