Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Cure for Grumpiness: La Madeleine and Groucho Marx

Monday was, as always, grocery day and by the time Braelyn and I made it to the store, it had already been a long day. Luckily, she's a pretty good shopper, so the trip itself wasn't bad, but the hours previous to that had been a little trying. Anyways, so I'm pushin' my cart around in little ol' HEB in Brenham and I see this...
Oh happy jar! It was the perfect, most unexpected little treasure...just what I needed. I literally laughed out loud and was practically hugging the jar. I'm sure people were questioning my mental health. I didn't care...I just found 5000 calories worth of happiness.

Then today, Braelyn got up at 5:15!!! Not a promising start to our day. Sure enough, nothing I did could make this girl happy, and I was too tired to try very hard. I was feeling grumpy at her and grumpy at myself and just grumpy all around. And then, this walks in...
How could I stay grumpy?
Ah...Thank you, Lord, for the little things! You know just what a mama needs!


annette said...

I love La Mad's tomato basil soup...I meet a group of friends I attended school w/ at La Mad every couple of months.

Steph, that picture is too precious.

I hope you all get plenty of sleep tonight.

Blessings to you and your family.

Jenn said...

hahaha! thats hilarious steph!

The Kramer Family said...

Say what, sister????? Are you kidding me?

I guess you have to live in Brenham to appreciate that jar of goodness. That is awesome. I haven't seen that yet.

I'm glad you warned me thus to prevent my crazy self from doing the cotton-eyed joe smack dab in the middle of HEB!

Have a blessed day!

Erica said...

Braelyn is SO precious! I love that little girl, even if she doesn't quite return the affections yet :] And I love La Madeline! I think we should definitely make a trip sometime after I move in!


Anonymous said...

So cute!!! Thank you God for little blessings in life...

See you soon!