Monday, April 28, 2008

Takin' Up Space in My Noggin

1. I really must make sure that every one knows that I do NOT think you are evil if Santa comes 'round your house at Christmas time! matter how many Santa figurines you have! ;)

2. Braelyn has already started asking me, "Why?"!!!!! Can you believe this?! Saturday night, as I was rocking her before bed, we had a little conversation like this:
Me: Braelyn, it's time for ni-night.
B: Why?
I giggle in astonishment.
Braelyn giggles, quite delighted with herself.
Me: Because it's time for bed.
B: Why?
Again with the giggling.
Me, trying not to giggle: Braelyn, it's time to close your eyes, and get quiet. It's time for ni-night.
B: Why?
More giggling, but really needing to pull it together, because it truly is time for bed, and I have guests over.
Me: OK. Um...because I said so.
I really wanted to avoid ever saying that, but in the onslaught of why's, there's nothing else!
She finally surrendered, but man...was not prepared for that!

3. Casey, Braelyn and I are spending this weekend in San Antonio to watch my brother play baseball. I'm super excited, however, he may not even get play since he was hit in the hand twice this past weekend and it may be broken. We'll still go even if he can't play, but that sorta stinks for him. Sorry Bubba!

4. I am inspired by this friend and this friend to get out in my yard. We have a good start in our front yard, but it needs to be cleaned up. Some plants need to be replaced and I would like to spruce it up with some cute, with actual flowers in them, and maybe some fun accessories. The only things is...if I put all this time and money into my landscaping and patio, is everything going to die in a few months and then in 12 months will I have to do it all over again? I think I would need a little more inspiration if that is the case. And our back yard...that's just a whole different story! :|

5. I got Sacred Parenting today! I think the premise of this book is that it's not so much a "how-to" discipline, teach, etc., but it talks about how "God uses our kids to change us" as parents. Here's a little blurb from the cover:
"Parenting is a school for spiritual formation -
and our children are our teachers. The journey of caring for, rearing, training, and loving our children will profoundly alter us forever."
I'm super excited about reading this and the blog discussion. For those of you who are joining me, I think I'll start reading this weekend and then do a post over chapters 1 & 2 on Friday, May 2nd. We can take that whole next week to comment/discuss and I'll post about the next couple of chapters the next Friday (May 9th). If you're interested, please join us, and even if you're not going to be going through the book, you can still join the discussion! Please do!

6. I've been trying some new recipes again. I was kinda out of the cooking mood for a while, but it's returning. I'll let you know if I find anything fabulous.

7. I saw Dan in Real Life this weekend with some cool new friends. It was very good. I recommend it! I just love Steve Carell!

8. That reminds me...THE OFFICE! I think I might die of happiness the day Jim and Pam get engaged!

9. The college kids that have been coming to our church are about to go home for the summer. I am super sad about this! They add so much to our little community, and I love how they're always over at our house. I don't know what I will do for those three long months. Plus, literally half of our congregation will be gone. Bummer...we we're starting to look like a real crowd.

10. My goals for the week:
~ Go to bed earlier and wake up earlier
~ Finish David Copperfield

Have a good one!

Oooh! Thought of another one...


annette said...

After my Santa comment, I too would like to say I do not think people who celebrate w/ Santa are wrong, Santa is wrong for me.

When I was 16 or 17, I was baby sitting a 3 year old who asked to bake Jesus a birthday cake for Christmas. She is 32 or 33 now and still bakes Him a cake every Christmas.

Now onto to yard...plant perreniels (sp?) and mix in a few annuals. I have tons of flowers blooming that have been in the ground for years. All kinds of salvia, coneflower and verbena. There are day lilies, lantana, etc. Most annuals live several months of the year and add a splash of colour.

I bet my neighbors are going to hold a prayer vigil and hope I weed this week. With dad in the hospital, my yard has been neglected.

Blessings to you dear Sister in Christ.

Jenny said...

Yes, I enjoyed Dan in Real Life and my husband was pleasantly surprised that he thought it one of the better movies that didn't get the buzz it deserved. Hey you may have been to San Antonio tons but if you get the chance to breakfast there do go to The Guenther House. It is the beautiful Pioneer Flour Mills founder's mansion made into a elegant and mid-range priced breakfast/brunch perfect place. You can have scrumptious sweet cream waffles, or a big egg, pancake and biscuit with gravy breakfast with wonderful coffee in the cafe-like interior or outside on patio that looks over the San Antonio River. So many locals don't even know about it and it is such a gem. Google it if you are interested because I know it has a web. Also, for recipes I stumbled on this woman's web-site ( and go to cooking. Her recipes have always been hits at our house. But "lite" is not usually an ingredient. Enjoy your gardening. How about some flowering herbs, like lavender, chamomile, and Basil is nice and full and green.

Abbie said...

OH! I'm so excited for you to start Sacred Parenting, it's great!
AND I heart Steve Carell big time-freaking hilarious that man is, I tell you! And the day Pam and Jim get engaged?? I will bawl my eyes out... *sigh*

Anonymous said...

You crack me up. I had no idea the commentary that was happening on Saturday while you were putting Braelyn down...hilarious!!!

We had a great time watching Dan in Real life, and I am with you...the excitement of waiting for Jim and Pam to be engaged...yay!!

Anyway, see you in a little while at Brandi's.


Casey said...

i saw the Dan movie too!!! it is so good, thinking it is a buyer! (a movie that gets the privalidge to be bought, for our movie library, :) ) and, i hate the spacing issue with a post too, bugs me soo much... don't know why it happens though.