Saturday, April 5, 2008

Round Top: Round Two

Round 2: Warrenton
My second day of Round Top antiquing was spent at the show in Warrenton and with two of my best friends, Erin and Cynthia. Warrenton is just 1/2 mile down the road from Marburger, and it is quickly becoming my preferred Round Top destination. For one, it is huge! I don't think you could possibly see the whole thing in one day. And two, the Warrenton crowd is a little more laid back...not so many high-end designers like you might see at Marburger. There is more rick rack to sort through, but there are still great antiques to be had.
Before I go on, I must mention the Birthday Proposition. On Wednesday afternoon my sweet mom called me and brought back to my attention a certain table that we had admired (in this man's booth - Bryce Ritter & Son), but quickly dismissed as it was well out of my budget. She generously proposed that if I couldn't find a table/trunk that I liked, she would go in with me to get the Ritter&Son table as an early birthday present (my birthday's in May). Now I was faced with a whole new dilemma! Do I spend Thursday looking for my trunk coffee table, and risk losing the Ritter&Son table, or do I go ahead and get the Ritter&Son table and risk seeing something I love in Warrenton that is less expensive? As usual, my indecisiveness did not betray is the most devoted of character flaws.

On Thursday morning, I resolved to show the table to Erin and Cynthia, first thing, so that we could make the decision together. That way, if I regretted my decision, I didn't have just myself to blame. ;) They saw the table and agreed it was both beautiful and expensive. While Cynthia chatted with the dealer a bit I worked up the nerve to ask him if he could come down on the price. (I hate asking that!) I did ask, and he did offer to take a hundred dollars off. SOLD! I bought the table. Throughout the day, I do confess, that I questioned the wisdom of my decision, but, it was too late for questions. The deal was done.

We left my table to be picked up later, we picked up Erin's beautiful purchase from Tuesday and headed to our intended shopping destination. By this time, it was lunch. Here we are at the little cafe that's set up at Clutters.
All three and a half of us. (Cynthia, the girl in green, is prego...wish we could see her cute belly!)
After lunch, each of us having already won, by that I mean paid, for our prizes, we had money enough to simply browse and enjoy each other's company. It was a fun, fun day! I am insisting that we make it a tradition for each Spring and Fall.

When the day was done, I picked up my table, and was feeling quite confident about my choice, despite the fact that I had seen a few pieces that probably would worked. When I got it home, I was the happiest of Round Toppers! I loved it! Here she is, in a couple of different views. Please indulge me...I am just so proud of my new coffee table!
A great place to put your feet after a long day of antiquing!
Special thanks to:
~Casey for so graciously and generously sending me to Round Top...twice.
~My mom for my beautiful birthday present and for spending the day with me on Tuesday.
~Carolyn for playing all day with my sweet baby girl. You'll have to be sure to mark your calendar for the Fall and you, mom and me will all go together!
~Erin and Cynthia for a wonderful day! Thanks for all your help!


Erin said...

WOW!! The table looks really great! Good job - I'm glad you picked that one!

Cynthia said...

The table looks PERFECT in your room. That was by far the best choice! I'm all for making it a tradition!

annette said...

Beautiful table Stephanie. Glad you found it and had a great day with your mother and another great day with your friends.

Anonymous said...

I totally enjoyed spending the day with precious Braelyn, as always! She is such a joy! Thanks for allowing me to do it. The table is absolutely perfect. You have every right to be proud. I will definitely mark my calender so you, your Mom, and I can plan a trip to Round Top in the Fall! I will be looking forward to it for sure!


Brandi said...

love, love, love the table. it looks perfect! you were right; a big trunk might have been just too bulky and heavy next to your big couch. this table is awesome.

it's taken me awhile to perfect my "what can you do on this?" bargaining initiative. no one bats an eye, though, and usually takes off 15-20% without hesitation! you should see justin, though. he's fierce. he will ask at places where i'm not so sure it's kosher. (nordstrom? really?)

Catherine Haskew said...

Steph the table is GORGEOUS! It is the perfect piece to finish off your living room, and how cool that you got to meet that man that made it. Great find!

The Kramer Family said...

Cute table! It looks great!

I love Warrenton also. They have the best deals. I was amazed at how much stuff was gone by Saturday. I took Jason back to look at a few things and they were already gone!


Alicia said...


Count me in for the fall! We can do a whole mom and daughter thing! I LOVE the table. I think it is a perfect fit for your living room. I guess Casey's bargaining skills rubbed off! I like taking Casey with me when I buy stuff, he has gotten me good deals with his haggling hehe!


Abbie said...

Oh my goodness!! I love love love it!! Look how perfect it looks in that room, and I love how the sides have that distressed look! OH great find, indeed! :)